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House Flipping Basics: How Much Would It Cost? by MyPropertyPH Updated: September 26, 2018Practical Tips

House Flipping is a type of real estate investment strategy in which an investor purchases a property not for his own use, but with the intention of selling it for a profit. When done right, it can be a great source of income.

Top Metro Manila Spots for Walking Your Pet Dog by MyPropertyPH Updated: September 26, 2018Practical Tips

Your dog does not have to walk on the hot, uneven streets of the metropolis for exercise. There are many places where they can comfortably enjoy themselves. Not only do these places have shops for pet supplies, but your pet can also socialize with their fellow canines.

Key Indicators that Parañaque's Economy is on the Rise by Updated: August 23, 2018Industry News and Updates

Key Indicators that Parañaque's Economy is on the Rise

Seven of the best Filipiniana-themed restaurants in the Philippines by Updated: August 08, 2018Feature Stories

Nobody makes better adobo than your mom or lola for sure. But outside the home, these Filipiniana-themed restaurants are doing their best to deliver authenticity both in flavor and décor.

The thriving and upcoming business areas of Parañaque by Updated: August 04, 2018Feature Stories

The entire country is booming and Parañaque City is no exception. In fact, it is right in the thick of it.

Q&A: How does a home appraisal work? by Updated: August 01, 2018Practical Tips

People who cannot afford to fully pay for their new home would have to take out a loan, but they cannot do so without security. This is when a home appraisal comes in.

For OFWs considering property investment, the time is now by Updated: July 31, 2018Property Profile

The Philippines is still experiencing a property boom in most sub-sectors of the market. Residential condominiums like those in Parañaque City are very much a viable investment option for OFWs and other investors.

What makes an Airbnb-worthy investment? by Updated: August 02, 2018Property Profile

The surge of tourists in the Philippines is increasing the need for accommodations that are affordable and convenient, hence the rise of Airbnb units.

Why low-density living is good for you by Updated: July 31, 2018Feature Stories

In a crowded city with a shortage on personal space, the chance to live in a low-density community is an opportunity that one should not miss out on

AHPC unveils Alpina Heights Tower II by Updated: July 24, 2018People and Events

Flexibility, affordability, and sustainability are just some of the aspects that make Alpina Heights a smart investment decision

Here’s how you can effectively plan for your retirement by Updated: July 10, 2018Practical Tips

After decades of hard work, every Filipino wants to spend the rest of their sunset years stress- and worry-free. To achieve this, smart and early planning of retirement is a must.

The Alpina Heights Tower II soft launch by Updated: July 05, 2018People and Events

Finding the right residential condominium to invest in is made easier with Alpina Heights, with Tower II ready to accommodate buyers.

10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila by Updated: July 09, 2018Feature Stories

In celebration of the recently concluded Pride Month, we list places across the metro where diversity in gender expression and identity and sexual orientation is celebrated.

Four reasons why millennials should invest in real estate now by Updated: July 10, 2018Practical Tips

Once millennials enter the ‘adulting’ phase, it’s time to make life-changing decisions to better their lives. For many, this means exploring the possibility of investing in real estate

Expert property management made easy by Updated: June 26, 2018Feature Stories

Coming home to a well-maintained property should not just be an option but a necessity. Alpina Heights will make unit ownership a stress-free experience through its partnership with global property consultancy firm Santos Knight Frank Philippines.

Expert advice on investing in a preselling property by Updated: June 22, 2018Practical Tips

Pre-selling properties help boost ROI just from the appreciation of its property value. There are, however, other ways to recover the costs of such an investment.

Sustainability in real estate: what‘s in store for developers? by Updated: June 19, 2018Feature Stories

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a buzzword in the real estate industry, but what are the benefits of embracing the concept?

Q&A: What is in-house financing? by Updated: June 15, 2018Practical Tips

As an alternative to a bank loan, is in-house financing the right option for you when buying your dream home? It depends

Exciting future developments south of Metro Manila by Updated: June 15, 2018Feature Stories

With promises of breakthrough infrastructures in place, all eyes are on the south of Metro Manila

Q&A: What properties are exempted from Capital Gains Tax? by MyProperty Updated: June 07, 2018Practical Tips

Capital Gains Tax can prove to be quite expensive for seller of real property. Knowing what properties can qualify for exemption, however, can save them a lot of money.

City Guide

The city of Makati is one of the Philippines’ Central Business Districts. It is also the financial center of the country with most of multinational and local corporations located in the city.

City Guide

Taguig is a vibrant, fast growing city which is set to become one of the country’s top business districts.

City Guide

Being the largest city in the Philippines and one of the most populous (3 million), Quezon City has a lot in store for its residents and visitors. Quezon City is a center of arts, education, and entertainment.


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