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Sustainability in real estate: what‘s in store for developers? by Updated: June 19, 2018Feature Stories

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a buzzword in the real estate industry, but what are the benefits of embracing the concept?

Q&A: What is in-house financing? by Updated: June 15, 2018Practical Tips

As an alternative to a bank loan, is in-house financing the right option for you when buying your dream home? It depends

Exciting future developments south of Metro Manila by Updated: June 15, 2018Feature Stories

With promises of breakthrough infrastructures in place, all eyes are on the south of Metro Manila

Q&A: What properties are exempted from Capital Gains Tax? by MyProperty Updated: June 07, 2018Practical Tips

Capital Gains Tax can prove to be quite expensive for seller of real property. Knowing what properties can qualify for exemption, however, can save them a lot of money.

10 beautiful baroque churches to see during Visita Iglesia 2018 by Jillian Cariola Updated: May 24, 2018Feature Stories

With the aesthetic and historical quality of Philippine Baroque churches, your spiritual journey can also be an educational trip.

Which areas of the home will be lucky in the Year of the Earth Dog? by Updated: February 14, 2018Feature Stories

Which sectors in your home will bring bad or good luck in wealth, love, money, and happiness in 2018?

Here’s how you should spend the long weekends of 2018 by Jillian Cariola Updated: June 14, 2018Feature Stories

This year, you have 11 remaining long weekends to get to know the country’s provinces through their local festivals.

Revolution Precrafted officially launched; introduces Revolution Homes under Php1 million by Revolution Precrafted Updated: February 06, 2018Industry News and Updates

Revolution Precrafted's Php1-million branded homes are stylish and made with state-of-the-art technology

Seven Philippine summer destinations to explore in 2018 by Jillian Cariola Updated: January 29, 2018Feature Stories

Make this a year of exploring new places; skip Boracay and Bantayan and opt for these lesser-known paradise-like getaways.

Eight fun ways to spend Php250 in Quezon City by Jillian Cariola Updated: June 14, 2018Feature Stories

While prices of goods and services increase depending on the economy, it’s nice to know that your Php250 can still go a long way in Quezon City.

Being someone else’s Santa: A guide to giving back this Christmas by Updated: December 11, 2017Feature Stories

Children are caroling, lights are twinkling and bells are jingling! Indeed, the atmosphere is delightfully filled with oh-so-Christmassy feeling!

Eight kid-friendly condos in Metro Manila by Jillian Cariola Updated: November 29, 2017Property Profile

Here’s proof that condos have morphed from being modular residences for career-oriented singles to safe and fun dwellings for kids

Five ways to make a home move easier on your kids by Jillian Cariola Updated: December 01, 2017Practical Tips

Children are the ones that usually get hit the hardest when a family moves to a new home. Here are some tips on gradually easing your kids into the idea of relocating.

Seven places named after Andres Bonifacio by Jillian Cariola Updated: November 24, 2017Feature Stories

Aside from shrines and monuments, a lot of places and infrastructure also carry the name of the Father of the Philippine Revolution.

Six issues to look for in pre-owned homes by Jillian Cariola Updated: November 22, 2017Practical Tips

Older houses can be as damaged as they are charming. Check for these common maintenance issues if you’re thinking about buying one.

Top subdivisions in the Philippines’ Next Wave Cities by Jillian Cariola Updated: November 21, 2017Property Profile

Families looking to relocate in the Philippines’ Next Wave Cities have a wealth of options if they prefer a traditional house.

Top condos in the Philippines’ Next Wave Cities by Jillian Cariola Updated: November 22, 2017Property Profile

Living in one of these residential condos is the first step toward a flourishing career in Next Wave Cities.

The pros and cons of a furnished rental unit by Jillian Cariola Updated: May 31, 2018Practical Tips

Is a furnished apartment or condo better than a bare one? Take a look at the pros and cons to find out.

Century inaugurates first ‘medical mall’ in the Philippines by Updated: November 08, 2017Industry News and Updates

Dubbed as the country’s first medical mall, Centuria Medical Makati aims to give a world-class experience to both local and foreign patients

Shelter, livelihood program for Marawi victims launched by Updated: November 03, 2017Industry News and Updates

The advocacy aims to increase awareness of, and aid to, victims of the recently ended siege

City Guide

The city of Makati is one of the Philippines’ Central Business Districts. It is also the financial center of the country with most of multinational and local corporations located in the city.

City Guide

Taguig is a vibrant, fast growing city which is set to become one of the country’s top business districts.

City Guide

Being the largest city in the Philippines and one of the most populous (3 million), Quezon City has a lot in store for its residents and visitors. Quezon City is a center of arts, education, and entertainment.


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