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10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila

by MyProperty.phPublished: July 3, 2018Updated: July 9, 2018

In celebration of the recently concluded Pride Month, we list places across the metro where diversity in gender expression and identity and sexual orientation is celebrated.

10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila

Depending on the circumstance, the level of acceptance felt by members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines varies. In 2013, U.S.-based Pew Research Center surveyed 39 countries and found that around three in four Filipinos believe homosexuality should be accepted by society. More LGBT individuals are also now holding positions in the government. Then there is the increase in the non-stereotypical portrayal of homosexuals in the media.

On the other hand, LGBT individuals are still at a disadvantage in many ways. While homosexuality is not criminalized in the Philippines unlike other nations, equal rights are something that the community is unable to enjoy. Same-sex marriage is not legal, and a law prohibiting discrimination against LGBT members has yet to be passed into law.

There is still a great need for Filipinos to be educated further about gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Despite the small progress the Philippines has made in accepting the broad spectrum of LGBTs as respected members of the community, there are still cases of judgment and prejudice against them. It was and it still is not easy for members of the LGBT community to find a place they can call their own.

In their continuous fight and struggle for recognition and equality, many establishments have committed to giving them a place that they can call their own and space where they can feel that they belong. Here are some of the most gay-friendly places in Metro Manila where LGBT members can freely express themselves.

10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila
Rainbow Pride Flag. Photo via Depositphotos

Pineapple Lab

For those wanting to enrich their cultural knowledge, Pineapple Lab is the perfect place to be in. Pineapple Lab is an arts and performance hub showcasing stellar works not just of Filipinos but of international artists and collaborators as well.

This hub hosts monthly events, visual art galleries, performances, workshops, and gatherings for art-savvy individuals. In celebration of Pride Month last year, it hosted a mixer featuring local gay icon Jolegend Slaydangal as well as a screening of the 2012 coming-of-age film Mosquita y Mari, which tells the story of two teenage girls discovering their sexuality as they grow closer together.

Pineapple Lab is at the heart of Barangay Poblacion in Makati City.

Le Miel Cafe

This place is definitely for those with a sweet tooth. Aside from its fancy drinks and its own take on Korean shaved ice dessert Bingsu, Le Miel is known for its Pride-flag inspired Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake, a festive treat with 25 layers of crepe laced with five different fruity flavours.

Situated at The Hub in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Le Miel became the favorite hang-out place of LGBT members living and working within the area.

Boho Sarapsody Bistro

Unlike other hang-out places mentioned here, Boho Sarapsody Bistro has a very laid-back and homey environment. Tucked in the side streets of Cubao, this house-turned-tambayan rose to become a popular spot for the members of the LGBT community to chill, enjoy live acoustic music, drink, eat tasty grub, and socialize with their friends.

Commune Café + Bar

Nothing is as rustic and as cozy as Commune, a cafe and bar which serves variety of coffee and great food selections. Raved as an LGBT-friendly space, Commune is remembered for setting up a communal table inside the cafe to encourage people to initiate small talks. With the cafe's warm and welcoming feel, it has been a favorite meetup location of people who met through dating apps.

Commune is located along Polaris St. in Makati City.

10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila
Same-sex couple. Photo via Depositphotos

LoveYourself Clinics

LoveYourself is a community organization with a mission to raise awareness about sexual health, particularly amongst the LGBT members. The group has two community centers, LoveYourself Anglo in Mandaluyong and LoveYourself Uni in Pasay. These clinics offer free HIV testing, counselling, and treatment.  What sets these clinics apart from others are their friendly and approachable volunteers who all contribute their time to ensure that LGBT members have a safe space to discuss their sexual health.

Recently, the group launched Victoria By LoveYourself, a community center focused on transgender health and wellness services. It also offers free HIV testing and treatment.

O Bar

When it comes to party and fun, O Bar will never run out of tricks up its sleeve. O Bar is popular for its massive performances by drag queens and sexy male dancers. For LGBT members who want to dance like no one's watching, there's no place like O Bar.

O Bar is located at Ortigas Home Depot along Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig.

Nectar Nightclub

Located at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City, the Nectar Nightclub primarily caters to LGBT members, offering them the premium club experience. Local and international DJs are usually seen headlining the club. There is no dress code; the only rule is for clubbers to have fun and enjoy their night.

10 LGBT-friendly places in Metro Manila
Drag queen. Photo via Depositphotos

UP Center for Women's and Gender Studies

The first building in the University of the Philippines-Diliman to have gender-neutral comfort rooms, the Center for Women's and Gender Studies is the go-to place for LGBT literature. It has a collection of books, research papers, journals, and studies surrounding gender and feminism in its library. It is also known for the Kalinga Day Care Center, a gender-fair and peaceful learning environment for children.

The center is located inside the UP Diliman campus in Quezon City.

Metropolitan Community Church Worship Center

In the Philippines, LGBT members and religious groups do not really work well together. Good thing there is the Metropolitan Community Church, a group that fosters the spirituality of individuals belonging to this special community. The Metropolitan Community Church Worship Center in Palanan, Makati provides a haven where people can freely practice their faith regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

Musix Box Bar

This one is for those who enjoy a good old-fashioned karaoke. This free entrance bar along Timog Avenue in Quezon City welcomes LGBT members who either want to showcase their singing talents or just to casually enjoy the bar while listening to classic karaoke songs.


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