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15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village

by Jillian CariolaPublished: February 10, 2017Updated: February 16, 2017

Long days at your Makati office can be rewarding through a visit to some of the top restaurants in Salcedo Village.

15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Makati

For most workers these days, it’s not uncommon to spend a large portion of their days cooped up in their office as the hours tick by. Sometimes, days start as early as 6 in the morning and go on until much of EDSA’s rush hour traffic has ended by night. If you’re working in Makati’s busy Salcedo Village, there’s a bit of a consolation for being in the area all day: this neighborhood is teeming with must-try restaurants, transcending all kinds of cuisines and budgets and offering meals for all times of the day.

Instead of spending your breaks indoors as well, why not stretch your legs (and tummy) by partaking on fanciful meals at some of Salcedo Village’s top restaurants?


For the most important meal of the day

15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Apartment 1B
Eggs Benedict. Photo from the Apartment 1B Facebook page

Apartment 1B
Unit 1B, Ground Floor, One Lafayette Square, 132 L.P. Leviste corner Sedeño Streets

Headed by Chef Marivic Diaz-Lim, Apartment 1B is the sister of  Legaspi Village’s Kitchen 1B, another favorite among the health kick crowd. Apartment 1B prides itself in using top-quality ingredients to produce a menu composed of gourmet comfort food. While prices might shock you at first, patrons swear by the restaurant’s commitment to offer healthy and hearty dishes. Start your day with an order of Eggs Benedict starting at Php330, or tuck into a bowl of organic old-fashioned oatmeal for Php 110 for a lighter alternative.


Wildflour Café + Bakery
V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street

Among many foodies these days, you can’t broach the subject of breakfast without someone chiming in with “Wildflour,” where baked goods like breads, muffins, and croissants are said to be legendary. Breakfast items are served from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., so feel free to talk your boss into to having your early morning meeting there. For a light and healthy morning meal, give their homemade granola a shot for Php325. But if you’re an eggs-on-toast kind of person, try their ham and mushrooms variety for Php395.


The Strand Café
One Pacific Place, 161 H.V. Dela Costa Street

Think pandesal or a bowl of cereal won’t hold you until lunch? Head to The Strand Café, where you will be greeted by a wide selection of breakfast dishes in a multi-cuisine breakfast buffet spread that starts at Php388. And good news for caffeine junkies: your meal (or meals, depending on how many times you go back to the line) comes with unlimited coffee. For those with a smaller appetite, the restaurant also offers an a la carte menu, which contains offerings ranging from Filipino to Italian to Middle Eastern.


For your noontime gustatory exploration

Mendokoro Ramenba
Ground Floor, V Corporate Centre, Soliman Street

Before you dismiss the place as “just another Japanese restaurant,” the owners will set things straight by claiming to provide only a true ramen experience that one might encounter in Japan. This means not just replicating the décor, but also paring down their offerings to just the bare essentials, so don’t expect tempura and sashimi here. The restaurant offers limited seating—only 21 stools are set up around a long table surrounding the food preparation area—and service starts at 11 a.m., so ask your boss to let you take an early lunch if possible. Start your meal with an order of gyoza (three for Php120) and work your way through one of their specialty ramen bowls, which start at about Php360.


The Wholesome Table
Ground Floor, Infinity Tower, H.V. Dela Costa Corner L.P. Levsite Street

As you might expect from the moniker, The Wholesome Table is a restaurant that encourages not just healthy eating, but also the use of purely organic ingredients (think gluten-free oats and no artificial colors and sweeteners). But meat eaters need not panic, as The Wholesome Table is not a “vegetarians only” establishment; proteins come in the form of grass-fed beef and free-range eggs. Dining with a co-worker? Split a Kale, Caesar! salad for Php420, then attack a platter of Wholesome Sliders—a sampler of four of their sandwiches—for Php790. If you have a sweet tooth, try to leave space for their cakes, bars, cookies, cupcakes, and muffins (all made healthy, of course).

15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Sultan Mediterranean Grill
Braised Lamb Shank. Photo from the Sultan Mediterranean Grill Facebook page

Sultan Mediterranean Grill
Unit G9, Valero Plaza Condominium, San Agustin Street

Before heading to a Filipino restaurant or fast food for your rice fix, consider getting it from a Mediterranean restaurant, more specifically, the Sultan Mediterranean Grill. For Php570, you can feast on one of their specialty rice plates, the braised lamb shanks. If you’re looking to satisfy a different craving, go for their Php220 moussaka, a lasagna-like traditional Greek dish.


For an afternoon pick-me-up

Tsoko Nut Batirol
RCBC Plaza, Ayala Avenue

One of the more affordable places on this list, Tsoko Nut Batirol is a café that offers an assortment of hot and cold beverages, as well as rice meals and merienda items that should re-awaken the Filipino in you. Drink offerings include Tsokonut—a hot chocolate prepared batirol-style—and Kapeng Barako, while starving visitors can pair their drink of choice with food like champorado and tablea cake, or even a rice meal of relyenong bangus. A regular Tsokonut costs Php88, but if you’re hungry, get a combo that comes with a Keso Bibingka Espesyal for Php168.


15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Toby's Estate
Photo from the Toby's Estate Facebook page

Toby’s Estate
Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Toby’s Estate specializes in espresso blends and single-origin coffee made with beans sourced from Australia, Singapore, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia. For those who are always passionately campaigning for the little guy, you’ll be pleased to learn that Toby’s supports environmental causes, fair trade, and other initiatives to make sure that their trade benefits everyone from the coffee bean producers to the customers. For your 3 p.m. break, sip on a Php160 cup of mocha (a double ristretto mixed with their Ghana chocolate and steaming milk) while snacking on a grilled cheese sandwich priced at Php295.


15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Crepe Amelie
Dutch Apple Caramel crepe. Photo from the Crepe Amelie Facebook page

Crepe Amelie
Ground Floor, Antel Corporate Center, Valero Street

Can’t decide between a savory and sweet snack? Make a choice on your way to Crepe Amelie, where you’re presented with a long list of sweet and savory crepes, from the old-time favorite combo of Banana, Peanut Butter & Nutella to the loaded Sausage & Baked Beans. Get their pie-inspired Dutch Apple Caramel crepe for Php270, or fork over Php220 for a Veggie Mix crepe.


For your evening feast

15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Gino's Brick Oven Pizza
Sausage Pizza. Photo from the Gino's Brick Oven Pizza Facebook page

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza
Finman Building, Bautista corner Tordesillas Streets

Brick oven pizza has a distinct taste to it, which explains its popularity among foodies who adore the Neapolitan dish but find the commercial versions lacking in authenticity. As a small neighborhood restaurant owned by an entrepreneurial husband-and-wife tandem, Gino’s promises dishes that stay true to their Italian roots. For the cheese lovers, start your meal with the Php405 Burrata Caprese, a popular menu item consisting of burrata (a ball of cream and kesong puti with a mozzarella skin), cherry tomatoes, pesto, and basil. Then, move on to a SMEGG Pizza: a pie topped with homemade sausage, mushroom, eggs, Gouda, and cream for Php475 (for an interesting kick, diners recommend drizzling your pizza with their unique spicy honey). Just a tip for dessert aficionados: when you call to make a reservation, order your Nutella soup—melted Nutella in a bowl-shaped pizza crust for Php195—ahead of time.


15 restaurants to try in Salcedo Village MyProperty Philippines Poco Deli
Bacon Slabs. Photo from the Poco Deli Facebook page

Poco Deli
Ayala Triangle Gardens

Poco Deli is the go-to for anyone looking to satisfy their craving for artisan meats and specialty cakes. Initially a Wagyu meat supplier, Poco Deli is now a restaurant offering German, Italian, and Spanish preparations of their sausages, bacon, corned beef, and other meats, while still selling packaged versions to be enjoyed at home. A standard order of their best-selling bacon slabs—French pork belly with eggs and rice— comes to Php400, but you can get a half order for Php280. Then, end your meal with a slice of their blackout chocolate cake for Php220.


Elbert’s Steak Room
Unit 3A, Sagittarius Building III, 111 H.V. Dela Costa Street

Feel like spoiling yourself after a long and tedious day at work? Elbert's Steak Room ought to take care of your hankering for top-choice meat. Elbert's specializes in USDA-certified meat, served in a cozy and exclusive setting that matches the premium quality of their dishes. Steaks are cooked medium rare by default, though guests can request for shorter or longer grill times. A USDA prime grade T-Bone short loin costs Php4,200 and comes with their signature salad, soup, a side dish, and coffee or tea.


For a much-needed night cap

The Penthouse 8747
Unit 1209, Lepanto Building, 8747 Paseo de Roxas

Get transported to the 1920s when you cap off the night at The Penthouse 8747, an art deco-styled rooftop lounge where, depending on when you stop by, entertainment ranges from smooth jazz to fist-pumping live DJ music. Located at the 22nd level of Lepanto Building across Ayala Triangle Gardens, you’re guaranteed a spectacular view of the city at night as you sip your drink (or two) from their extensive bar menu offering liquors, cocktails, mixers, champagnes, and imported beers. If you decide to head to The Penthouse straight from work, you’re sure to find something to chew on from their food menu (because drinking on an empty stomach is bad). Treat your friends to an appetizer of Gatz Gambas for Php390, or indulge in the Prime Sausages and Mash Platter for Php670.


Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro
Unit 1, Paseo Parkview Tower, San Agustin corner Sedeño Streets

Bugsy’s Bar & Bistro’s menu may offer American style comfort food served starting at 7 a.m., but there’s no doubt about its status as a late-night must-visit for the metro’s sport-loving bar hoppers. Food prices are reasonable enough, and you can look forward to discounts during sporting events that they broadcast live. Not into sports? No problem! They also host Comedy Night Tuesdays and Whisky & Mixtape Wednesdays. During Happy Hour, which runs from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., patrons can buy two of certain cocktails for the price of one. Use your drink of choice to wash down one of their best-sellers, Bugsy’s Siegel—a 350-gram USDA Angus rib eye with red wine sauce and side salad—for Php995.


Ground Floor, 125 V Corporate Center, L.P. Leviste Street

With a name like “Hooch,” you can be certain you’ll be at the receiving end of some pretty crafty cocktails. Hooch is actually a slang term referring to moonshine or any illicit alcoholic beverage during the U.S. Prohibition Era, but in this Salcedo Village watering hole, drinking is anything but forbidden. Hooch offers local craft and international beers, and is said to create two signature cocktails a week. If you’re looking to get entertained after a drab day in front of the computer, the place really comes alive at around 9 p.m. when live musical acts take the stage. If you’re looking to chomp on something while throwing back your drinks, try their specialty oyster sisig for Php620, eaten alone or paired with the crowd-pleaser crispy chicken skin fried rice for Php380.


Once you’ve crossed these off your list, be sure check out our guide to restaurants in Legaspi Village next.

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