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5 Homes with rocking Christmas lights shows

by Nadine PacisPublished: December 23, 2014Updated: February 16, 2015

These homes bring are spreading the Christmas cheer with their own light shows

One of the best sights during Christmas are the light shows made by wonderful, creative beings who want to spread the Christmas cheer. It’s always a delight to drive through a neighborhood and gaze in awe at the colorful lights dancing to catchy tunes and displayed for the world to see. 

But not everyone has the luxury of driving to a far neighborhood to watch these shows, so we compiled a list of five houses from around the world that feature the most amazing Christmas light shows this year (in no particular order).

1. Frozen Medley Christmas Light Show

The first house is from Youtuber Aaron Dennington. The light show features songs from the hit-movie “Frozen.” This show doesn’t need an over-the-top display to standout, instead, it gives a nice and heartwarming feel for those watching. The lights dance up, down, and across the house smoothly and it actually interprets what songs mean. They even sync to actual dialogue from the movie.

2. The Larsen Family’s Drummerboy Light Show

The Larsen family from Florida, USA is well known for their grandiose and elaborate light shows. This particular one makes you feel as if you’re smack dab in the middle of a Christmas rave. Blue, red and green lights dominate the show and dance and “pump” to the tune of a Drummerboy remix. You’re going to want a glowstick for this.

3. Trinidad Christmas Light Show

This modest home in Trinidad has a not-so-modest lightshow. The lightshow covers almost every genre that it can. The lights dance to Dubstep, Hip-hop, Reggae, and Pop. They even “sing.” It lasts for 13 minutes and because of its success, the house is only allowed to host lightshows on the weekends, due to “public concern.”

4. El Paso Christmas Light Show

Winner of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight 2014, Fred Loya, made one very impressive rocking lightshow. Much like the Trinidad home, Loya’s lightshow features different genres. The lights not only dance, it shows fireworks, sentences, fire, and wavelengths. Truly, this house deserved to win.

5. Star Wars Christmas Light Show

This Christmas light show will definitely win the hearts of Star Wars fans all over. Not only does it sync to the theme songs of the beloved series, it also syncs to its trademark sound effects. The lights dance to lightsaber sounds!

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