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7 Hilariously epic house pranks

by Jillian CariolaPublished: April 1, 2015Updated: July 28, 2016

It's April Fools' Day. How good is your sense of humor?

April One is the day jokers feel they’re licensed to play tricks on unsuspecting family and friends. And while hiding fake worms in a can of peanuts or replacing cookie filling with toothpaste is funny enough, there are those who think these are small compared to pulling house pranks. And these mischief-makers executed their craft so well, they actually ended up on the news!


1. Just roll with it: YouTube prankster Roman Atwood recently toiler papered the mansion of his friend, “America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel. To successfully pull off the joke, Atwood chose a day when Howie was out of town, got hold of hundreds of toilet paper rolls and asked the celebrity’s family to help.


2. You’re making me blush: A man named Russell O’Rourke spent two days painting his brother Steve’s Essex house bright pink with yellow spots while the latter was on his honeymoon. According to Russell, this was his way of paying back Russell’s prank of building a brick wall across his driveway while he was on his own honeymoon. Ain’t revenge sweet?


3. Room re-NO-vation: What happens when you leave for a couple of months and have great housemates with too much time on their hands? Melbourne man Tom Overend found out when he came home to his bedroom, which has been transformed into a fairy wonderland, complete with frilly canopy bed and unicorn figurines.


4. That’s a wrap: In yet another “great roommates with nothing to do” prank, housemates Robert Brown and Stuart Morhall decided it would be a good idea to spread the Christmas cheer beyond the holidays. They took leftover Christmas wrapping paper and covered the entire bedroom of third housemate Craig Macey while he was away during that year’s New Year break. Good thing Craig understood: Rob was just paying him back for a prank he and Stu played on him a while back. 


5. A turn for the worst: Sometimes the best pranks come from the strongest of bonds. A year after a prank war between Dutch brothers Tobias and Jamiro Mathijsen, Tobias couldn’t resist playing a sort of anniversary prank when his younger brother went away on vacation. Enlisting the help of his friends, Tobias affixed his brother’s furniture to the wall and repositioned his posters, making it appear as if his room had been tilted 90 degrees.


6. Birds of the same feather: Willy Black of New Hampshire woke up on her birthday day to find six pink flamingo ornaments sticking out of her lawn along with a sign saying “You’ve been flocked!” And they weren’t just on her property; forty-four more of the brightly colored birds had been left all over her town, each with a note carrying her name and contact details as the “return to” information. Good-natured Willy, who never found out who played the joke, left the birds up for a while but eventually took them down, saying she asked them to “fly south” to migrate.


7. Keeping up with the Joneses: Rick and Marilyn Jones’ neighbors, Tom and Paula Tschudi, were tired of the pranks the couple had been playing on them whenever they're not home. When the Joneses left town for a wedding, The Tschudis exacted their revenge: together with their kids and another neighboring family, they planted 3,000 white plastic forks all over the former’s yard and hung more from the roof, fence, and garage. It was all in good fun, though; Paula promised to help pick up the utensils afterwards.


Disclaimer: we’re not encouraging you to pull these pranks on friends and family, but if you should, do so at your own risk. And remember, revenge is a dish best served when you’re out of town. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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