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Anchor 100: the Leasing and Asset Management Group

by MyProperty.phPublished: March 12, 2015Updated: March 12, 2015

Are you buying an Anchor Land unit as an investment? Make sure you get your money’s worth by soliciting the services of Anchor Land’s Leasing and Asset Management Group.


For almost ten years since its founding, Anchor Land Holdings, Inc. has been a trusted name in real estate development, not just for end users but also for those who look at properties as investment opportunities. With condominiums that possess special features and amenities, ideal locations, and reasonable pricing, a high return from an ALHI unit is almost a sure thing. Some buyers with a lot of experience and time can easily find an occupant and begin earning from their property venture. And for those who need the help of professionals in making the most of their hard-earned real estate investment, there’s the ALHI Leasing and Asset Management Group.

Created to cater to the needs of unit investors, the AHLI Leasing and Asset Management Group is committed to handling their clients’ properties by providing various services that enhance the value of the unit for lease. To remove the worries involved in leasing out a condo unit, here are step-by-step services that Anchor 100 offers:

Step 1: Marketing
By using various forms of marketing and advertising, the Leasing and Asset Management Group can quickly and easily get the word out about your unit to those who are actively seeking a rental property. This enables them to cast a wider net and find more prospective tenants for your unit.

Step 2: Application screening
Once they’ve found a few who seems to be a good fit for your property, the Leasing and Asset Management Group can also proceed with choosing the proper tenant for you by evaluating them in terms of employment and income, as well as their overall character.

Step 3: Lease administration
When you lease out a property, you want a tenant who doesn’t just give a good first impression; you want one that won’t cause problems in the long run, especially if you won’t be around to check on them regularly. The Leasing and Asset Management Group can properly orient the potential tenant about the rules and regulations of the condo itself.

Step 4: Rent collection
Collecting rent is serious business and requires the service of someone who knows how to properly handle money. By letting the Leasing and Asset Management Group take care of your unit, you’re assured that the rent gets collected in full and on time, and that you receive money that’s rightfully yours.

Step 5: Property maintenance and repair
Landlords are in charge of doing routine repairs in a rental. You don’t want to be called away from spending time relaxing with your family every time a faucet breaks. The Leasing and Asset Management Group has the time and skills to perform regular housekeeping and home repair services to ensure everything in the unit runs smoothly and your tenant remains happy.

One of the essential elements in guaranteeing that your investment pays off in the future is making sure it’s managed well. If you’re thinking about leasing out your ALHI unit, enroll it with the company’s Leasing and Asset Management Group. To learn more about Anchor Land’s Lease and Asset Management services, follow this link. Click here to check out Anchor Land’s properties.

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