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Camp in style in these eight glamping sites in and around Metro Manila

by Jillian CariolaPublished: March 6, 2017Updated: March 24, 2017

These eight glamping sites give an entirely different definition to the phrase “roughing it.”

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping

Fact: camping is one of the best ways that one can stay in touch with nature. Also a fact: not everyone is built to endure a single night without indoor plumbing. While it is true that most people would prefer to go on vacation with all the comforts they would normally have at home, there really is no denying the raw beauty of a starry sky, backed by nature’s soundtrack of crickets chirping or waves crashing. But how do you answer the call of the wild when you cannot even dismiss a call on your phone? One word: glamping.

Glamping, a portmanteau of the phrase “glamorous camping,” is pretty self-explanatory: it is an upgraded method of camping that infuses outdoor overnights stays with amenities that offer a resort-like experience. If you want a truly hassle-free getaway, there are glamping sites within Metro Manila and nearby provinces that have everything ready and waiting when you arrive. Alternately, you can simply load up your car with a tent and all the luxuries you need, hit the open road, and set up your own canvas-walled hotel in similar locations.


A campsite found in Barangay Reserva’s Charlie’s Point, fully serviced campsite Easy Adventure is the ultimate in Baler eco-luxe camping, providing guests with a waterproof tent with indoor furniture and beds (not sleeping bags), full-board meals and snacks, and a well-equipped bathroom. Hanging out in this luxurious set-up is not the only activity you can enjoy; you can also surf, swim, do yoga, explore the water on a paddleboard, stay warm by a bonfire, or read in a hammock. And as no electricity is provided, campers are encouraged to disconnect from the digital world to truly immerse themselves in what nature has to offer (while lounging on a cushioned seat, of course).

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping Easy Adventure Baler Aurora
Photo by Easy Adventure

A little over an hour away from popular surfing haven Sabang Beach is a resort called Sand and Stars, where glamping means sleeping in a tent set up right by Dipaculao Beach. Inside the tent are beds with bedding, a lamp, a fan, and (lucky for those who cannot part with their phones) electric sockets. Not only that, their package includes welcome drinks, access to the beach, and use of the grill.

Do-it-yourself: Because Sabang Beach tends to get crowded due to visitors who want to try their luck at surfing, Dipaculao Beach would be your best bet for setting up your own luxury camp for a more peaceful experience. Also, the water here is on the calmer side, making it ideal for those who came to Aurora more for hanging loose than hanging ten. Ask resorts about their camping rates and requirements.


Nurture Wellness Village is Tagaytay’s very own award-winning spa resort, a getaway for holidaymakers looking for the most relaxing of vacations through “ecotherapy,” or healing by and through nature. And to bring guests just a little bit closer to nature, they offer glamping packages, wherein guests sleep on beds in a naturally ventilated tent and eat dishes made with fresh ingredients. An additional perk for glampers looking forward to a stress-free stay is a 30-minute facial or foot massage that comes with the package.

Do-it-yourself: Driftwoods Sports Park, an outdoor recreation park located along Indang-Mendez Road in Indang, is a site for camping and nature-tripping, as well as sports like mountain biking and off-roading. You get to bring your own food, but firewood has to be bought at the park for pest control reasons. And by all means, bring as big a tent as you want, since they charge the same amount—Php150—for any size site you set up. Good news for those who cannot lay off their gadgets: it only costs Php40 a day to tap into the park’s electricity supply.


Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp has the most ideal of locations as far as panoramic views go. Positioned on the hills of Tanay, one can easily see Laguna de Bay and the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre. For adventure-seeking guests, high-flying amenities like ziplining, wall climbing, rappelling, and the hanging bridge are theirs for the taking. Then at the end of the day, they can continue to enjoy the great outdoors by retiring to a well-lit glamping accommodations with cushioned beds and furniture.

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping Ten Cents to Heaven Tanay Rizal
Photo from the Ten Cents to Heaven Facebook page

Do-it-yourself: Ten Cents has a camping deck where, for Php500, one can set up their own tent and furnish it to their liking.


At San Rafael River Adventure, the name of the game is being one with nature, which is definitely what guests will feel like when staying overnight. Glass cottages and villas are built with one-way mirrors, letting the structure appear to blend with the surroundings and giving the illusion that you are outside while staying indoors. But those who are ready for a little “rough living” are provided with spacious tents that can be set up at the campsite or afloat on a raft in the river itself. Further adding to the natural feel of the destination is an infinity pool overlooking the Angat River, as well as a river cruise where meals are served buffet-style.

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping San Rafael River Adventure Bulacan
Photo from the San Rafael River Adventure Facebook page

Do-it-yourself: About an hour away from San Rafael lies Los Arcos de Hermano, a five-hectare nature and leisure park in San Jose Del Monte.  After paying Php400 per head to set up their tent for an overnight stay in the spacious tree-covered camp site, guests can enjoy the venue’s infinity pool, play around the team building activity area, or play Spot the Cartoon Character as the resort has life-size models of these all over the place.


In Calatagan, water lovers will find a second home at Casa Antonio Vacations, where accommodations are set up right in front of the beach. Aside from being soothed by the sound of waters, Casa Antonio heightens the comfort factor through a tent equipped with a mattress, 24-hour security and maintenance, and full-board meals served on a personal picnic table.

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping Casa Antonio Vacations Calatagan Batangas
Photo from the Casa Antonio Vacations Facebook page

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort in Balete began as a family rest house and was eventually transformed into a resort. Guests are housed in a tent that sits atop a wooden deck and supplied with beds and fans. Accommodation packages include meals, as well as the use of a private lounge area and a personal bathroom.

Do-it-yourself: Want to camp close to Taal Lake instead? Bring your lush tent and all the trimmings you need to Taal Lake Yacht Club, which is right along the shoreline of Taal Lake in Talisay. Members and non-members are required to rent an open cabana for Php400, but they are free to either bring their own tent and pay just for the campsite for Php100 or rent a four-man tent for Php400 a night. You can also either bring prepared food or rent a grill for a picnic.


Clearwater Country Club in Clark is a family-friendly leisure club where people are required to do as little as possible, although swimming, golf, soccer, and boating are just a few of the activities they offer. There are cabins and hotel rooms available, but the outdoorsy types who also want a little extra in their camping grounds can always rent one of Clearwater’s outback tents. Set up about 20 meters from the Clearwater Lake, these accommodations are basically disguised hotel rooms equipped with two single beds, tables and chairs, an en-suite bathroom, and air conditioning

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping Clearwater Country Club Resort Clark Mabalacat Pampanga
Photo by Clearwater Country Club

Do-it-yourself: Right on the property of Clearwater Country Club is Brunello Gardens, a 1-hectare campsite where, for a minimal fee, you can pitch your own tent and deck it out, and bring food or have a cookout. Clearwater only provides the venue, so you are required to bring your own equipment. If you are coming with a whole lot of friends who are looking to glamp with you, feel free to do so, as the venue can accommodate up to 500 tents.


Describing itself as a “glamping resort” on Facebook, Blue Hotel & Resort in Los Baños undoubtedly promotes glamping as their main attraction. Only a few feet away from the pool are pristine white tents big enough for three people, with beds, air conditioning, and a bathroom to keep guests comfortable while staying connected to nature.

As if living outdoors is not enough, BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti brings guests close to the best natural attractions in Laguna. The venue is surrounded by the likes of Pagsanjan Falls, Lake Caliraya, and Cavinti Underground River and Cave Complex. As for their glamping set-up, inside each tent are air mattresses with pillows, blankets, and linen; electric fan, and power outlets. Toilets are communal, and you have an option to either cook your own food or order it at Camp Café.

Glamping in Metro Manila and neighboring cities MyProperty Philippines camping BLOC Camp Site Cavinti Laguna
Photo from the BLOC Camp Site Facebook page

Do-it-yourself: BLOC Camp Site also invites DIY campers to set up their own ritzy accommodations at their designated camping grounds for a fee of Php250 during the weekdays and Php500 on the weekends. You can also head to Kaliraya Surf Kamp, a picturesque camping site alongside Lake Caliraya where you can camp overnight for a fee, and also enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, and kayaking.


Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, surfing, island tours, and other water activities are the highlights of one’s stay. So if that is not enough to satisfy your hankering for sand and surf, why not sleep by the beach, too? Each electric-powered pavilion-type tent is furnished with three single beds and an electric fan, and complimentary breakfast the next day.

Do-it-yourself: At Crystal Beach, bringing your own tent will not be an issue, although they do collect an overnight fee of Php550 per person. For Php750, they will provide you with the tent; all you need to do is bring the items you need to make your stay comfortable.


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