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Five romantic movies with interesting houses

by Jillian CariolaPublished: February 9, 2015Updated: February 16, 2015

Staying in for Valentine's Day? Watch these romantic movies involving amazing houses and get inspired for your future home.

Do your Valentine’s Day plans involve snuggling on the couch with your significant other, feasting on popcorn and binge-watching romantic movies? Because there are instances when we wish life would imitate art (admit it; that's why you like watching romantic movies), we thought we’d make a couple of suggestions to add to your list, especially if you two are planning on buying or building a home soon.

So many movies involve incredible houses that don't just serve as pretty backdrops but also play a significant role in the story. In no particular order, here are our top picks:


THE NOTEBOOK. A poor man and a rich woman fall in love, but their relationship is challenged by their social differences. In an attempt to win the woman over, the man buys and fixes up an old house, turning it into the home she's always dreamed of having. Dear guys, being an all-around fix-it guy may not always guarantee you’ll get the girl in the end, but it’s definitely a start.

HOME FACT: The home that the lead male character renovated is actually a property built in 1772. Instead of fixing up a rundown house, they made this home look old for the beginning of the movie.


THE LAKE HOUSE. An architect and a doctor begin corresponding through letters left in the mailbox of a glass-walled lake house they're both currently living in, but at different years. An out-of-this-world love story, sure, but at the bottom of it all, it's really just about two people who overcome the biggest (and oddest) of all obstacles to be together.

HOME FACT: The house used in the story was built specifically for the movie and then dismantled when shooting was over.


THE HOLIDAY. Two women going through a rough patch in their personal lives go on a vacation over the Christmas holidays by swapping houses (a cottage in England and a mansion in the US). What does this teach us? Sometimes a vacation that disconnects us from everything that stresses us out is just what we need to reboot.

HOME FACT: While the LA mansion shown in the film is an actual property in Pasadena, the interior was not real. It was built on a sound stage and cost around $1 million to make. The Surrey cottage was also only built for the movie. The production crew used wood and fiberglass to create the ancient-looking stone walls.


SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE. A bachelor in his sixties who’s always had a penchant for young women falls in love with the mother of his latest girlfriend when he suffers a heart attack and is forced to stay with the latter in her beach house. Lesson: you’re never too old to fall in love, as long as you’re open to different things.

HOME FACT: Like the mansion in “The Holiday”, the exterior of the beach house was that of a real home in the Hamptons, but the interior was created on a sound stage.


UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. Discontented with her life after getting a divorce, a woman goes to Italy for some soul-searching and impulsively buys a Tuscan villa for renovating, while making friends and finding new love along the way. Just goes to show, men and women tackle their personal issues in much the same way: some men purchase expensive cars while going through midlife crisis, while some women go through a journey of self-discovery by moving to Europe and buying a house.

HOME FACT: Bramasole, the villa in the movie, has since gone under major restoration and is currently being rented out for at least €1828 a night.


Honorable mentions:


UP. An old widower turns his home into a makeshift zeppelin by tying thousands of helium balloons to it, and sets out on a voyage to South America to fulfill his late wife's wish. Did you really think we wouldn't include this one? Sure, it may not be a romantic movie in the traditional sense (being a Pixar computer-animated film and all), but there's no denying that the main storyline of an old man's attempt at one last adventure with the love of his life is one that continues to tug at many a heartstring.

HOME FACT: Someone actually did the math on the number of balloons it would take to lift the house. According to Wired Science, if the house weighs about 100,000 pounds, lifting it would require over 105,000 balloons each filled with 14.1 cubic feet of helium!


FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. A college senior's life is changed when she meets a young billionaire bachelor whose tormented past fuels his need to control everything. To say that the apartment is “where the magic happens” would be an understatement. Then again, we all have our different quirks, so whatever floats your boat, we say. (This movie only gets an honorable mention since we’ve only included houses.)

HOME FACT: In the book, author E.L. James mentions the guy’s residence as the penthouse unit in the upscale Escala apartments. In real life, the Escala penthouse has been purchased in 2013 for $6.2 million and the apartment you see in the movie is a sound stage. You can actually take a tour of the fictional apartment in this interactive site.


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