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Give your home a genuine Vigan feel with these local crafts

by Jillian CariolaPublished: December 9, 2014Updated: February 16, 2015

Want to make your home New7Wonders-worthy? Create an old-world charm within your four walls with these native Vigan products.

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Aside from Spanish colonial structures and their famous longganisa, Vigan will now be known for one other feat: after a two-year campaign, the New7Wonders Foundations has declared the Ilocos Sur capital as one of the New7Wonders Cities.

Vigan and six other cities (Beirut, Lebanon; Doha, Qatar; Durban, South Africa; Havana, Cuba; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and La Paz, Bolivia) emerged as winners, besting over 1,200 nominees from more than 220 countries. Launched in 2012 by New7Wonders founder/president Bernard Weber back in 2012, the campaign aims to be “a forum for discussing everything from urban planning to metropolitan governance, from tourism to architecture.”

It took the city of Vigan several centuries to cultivate the history that creates its old-world charm. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait this long to make your home your very own new wonder. Here’s a list of local Vigan items you can incorporate into your home décor now:

1. Antique furniture
A stroll along the famed cobblestones of Calle Crisologo will lead you to not just several aged structures of the Spanish era, but also a fine selection of antique furniture pieces and woodwork. And you don’t even have to enter the stores to find them; most of the shops lining Crisologo have them in plain sight so you can easily feast your eyes (and open your wallets) to a wide collection of handcrafted chairs, tables, chests, cabinets, religious statues, and other items.

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2. Burnay jars
The manufacture of Burnay jars is a practice that dates back to pre-colonial times. Back then, these large jars were being used to keep water, salt, wine, and even bagoong. Now, local and foreign tourists are said to go crazy over miniature versions of these earthenware and use them for decorating their gardens and even the inside of their homes.

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3. Abel woven products
Abel weaving is the proud tradition of craftsmen from such Vigan barangays as Camangaan, Mindoro, and San Pedro. Using traditional wooden handlooms, these experts of the trade turn yards and yards of colorful cotton or sagut into bed and table linen, as well as wall hangings, robes, towels, and even mosquito nets.

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4. Damili or red clay craft
Barangays such as Bulala, Ayusan Sur, Paoa, and Salindeg are known for the production of red clay craft locally known as damili. This terracotta product was used to build ancestral homes of rich families in the seventies or eighties, earning it the reputation of being a top-of-the-line construction material. But local craftsmen also create ornamental pieces like cooking pots, water vessels, decorative pottery and roof tiles.

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