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How does age affect the condo size you choose?

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: June 26, 2015Updated: December 21, 2015

At your age, should you get a studio or a 1 bedroom unit?


High-rise living seems to be the latest trend in the real estate industry. With vertical communities springing up in cities and business districts across the country, more and more Filipinos are becoming interested and actually opting to live in these tall buildings.

In order to choose the right condo, decisions must not be done in haste. There are many factors to consider when choosing a condo property, such as one’s budget, proximity to work, safety, convenience and accessibility of the property, and, most especially, the size or rather, the number of bedrooms in a unit.

With these factors in mind, a person’s age might have something to do when choosing the size of his or her new condo unit.

18-30 years old

Most people in this age group have probably just graduated from college, looking for jobs or starting out their careers, but wish to have the convenience of living in a condo. Hence, they go for a studio unit. Not only a studio unit requires the least amount of budget, it is also the easiest to maintain. These young professionals are known to have hectic working schedules and active lifestyles, so they appreciate more time for resting than keeping the house clean.

Another known option for the yuppies is condo-sharing. A condo unit (regardless of number of rooms) is occupied by a group of individuals, who share the rent among themselves. This setup is also common among students, usually with their classmates as their roommates in condos located near universities or colleges.

31-50 years old

Most people might have gotten married at this point. If it is within their budget and the couple decides to permanently settle and start their family in a condo, their ideal choice would be a two-bedroom unit: one room for the parents and the other for their child or children. They get to have enough space for all of them to move around without their personal space being sacrificed.

But there are also couples who opt for a one-bedroom unit, especially if they are just starting their own family. They can make do with one room in the meantime and find a new place if they feel that their growing family needs more space.

Some newly married couples opt for a studio unit that is close to where they work especially if they want to focus first on saving and earning more for their future. Living near their workplace will let them save not only time but also money. They can keep the budget allotted for transportation instead or, at least, cut down the cost for going to and from work.

51 and above

People from this age group who would possibly choose to live in a condo are retirees or those who want a comfortable and convenient living space given their age. If they only live with their spouse, they settle for a one-bedroom unit. It is easy for them to keep the place clean without having their personal space compromised if they have guests over or if their children come for a visit.

Those who live alone might want to live in a studio unit where everything is within reach.  Having a compact space will help them exert only a minimum amount of effort, reducing the risk of body strains and avoiding any untoward incident. They also appreciate the fact that all of their items are in view, helping them return their things back to their proper places at once.

A two-bedroom unit is the choice of those who want to move to a condo to let their family have a better living experience. If it is within their budget, they might also choose a three-bedroom unit or bigger to accommodate all the members of their family. They can also have rooms for utility and other household needs. This is basically a unit that is like a normal usual house, complete with everything they need.

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