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How to build a house with the press of a button

by Jillian CariolaPublished: January 28, 2015Updated: February 16, 2015

An Italian company is proposing an answer to homelessness by combining advanced technology with old-school material.


Nowadays, 3D printing’s been enabling people to create extraordinary things, from toys to food to even prosthetic limbs, but did you ever think it could be used it to print a house?

That’s right, a house. A social business in Italy called the World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is actually in the process of manufacturing a portable 3D printer that can print what they call “bio-architecture houses”. WASP chose mud for printing since in many parts of the world where home shortage is rampant, it’s considered to be the most affordable and widely available construction material, albeit laborious when used in building houses.

WASP is planning to create a three-armed, portable 3D printer that can be assembled at the site by two people in two hours. Once set up, the 20-foot machine should be able to print 3-meter-high structures.

For “ink”, they sift earth into a powder and combine it with water and local binding fibers. The mixture is put into the printer, which squeezes it out a layer at a time. The current process, which WASP demonstrated at the recently held “Maker Faire” in Rome using a scaled-down Delta WASP 3D printer, is able to print a mud house in two weeks.

See the demo here:



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