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Ikea introduces furniture with wireless charging technology

by Jillian CariolaPublished: March 4, 2015Updated: March 4, 2015

Running low on phone battery? Just place it on one of Ikea's wireless charging tables.


Wouldn’t you just love to place your low-battery phone on a table after a long day and have it magically charged and ready for use? Well maybe not magically, but Swedish furniture giant Ikea is making the dream a reality with their recently unveiled line of furniture for wireless charging. Dubbed ‘Home Smart’, these household pieces – which include lamps, bedside tables, and a coffee table – are built with integrated wireless charging pads designed to eliminate the hassle of scrambling for a charger or tripping over cables.

“Everyone hates cables. That was our starting point, and when we dug deeper, we understood it was a global-scale problem. We wanted to make charging easier and more convenient for our customers.” Ikea range manager Bjorn Block told

Here’s how it works: the wireless charging pad uses a transmitter and receiver coil that generates a magnetic field. This induces a voltage that recharges a phone battery when the gadget is placed on the pad. The technology uses the Qi charging standard, which supports over 80 handsets, including the newly launched Samsung S6. Ikea also plans to sell charging covers for models that are not compatible with the technology, such as iPhones.

Ikea will begin selling their wireless charging furniture in the UK in mid-April. The price: a minimum of £30 per product, or about Php 2,030.

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