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Why low-density living is good for you

by MyProperty.phPublished: July 30, 2018Updated: July 31, 2018

In a crowded city with a shortage on personal space, the chance to live in a low-density community is an opportunity that one should not miss out on

Why low-density living is good for you

Modern trends dictate that everybody should go after residential spaces in jampacked cities. Urban areas present more business and job opportunities, which can draw relocators. Unfortunately, living in these places also usually means being caught up in the stress of a higher density lifestyle.

The more people flock to high-traffic locations in the metro, the better it is to explore the possibility of acquiring dwellings that offer low-density living. Maintaining such a lifestyle is not only ideal for the young professional but also for families and those seeking a more intimate setting with friends and loved ones.

Discover the benefits of living in a low-density condominium in the modern age. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect lifestyle for you.


Living in the busier parts of the city almost guarantees that there will be little privacy for you. Compared to the usual notion of high-rise condominiums, low-density condos have fewer units.

Since low-density living ensures that there is more room for you to breathe, having time and space for yourself and your family is not a problem. While a sense of seclusion is definitely an assurance, low-density condominiums also foster more intimate relationships between you, your family, and the community.

Why low-density living is good for you
Artist's rendering of Alpina Heights façade

Potential buyers who have privacy as their number one priority should consider Alpina Heights as their top choice. Located in Bicutan, Paranaque, you can enjoy easy access to major commercial hubs in Metro Manila, and at the same time retreat to a more secluded life by living in the outskirts.

Peacefulness and security

Tired of all the noise and hassle brought by living beside the metro’s major thoroughfares? These things would not plague you if you live in a low-density area. In fact, these kinds of places offer you the opposite. Low-density condos such as Alpina Heights have amenities such as gazebos and parks, which allow you those much-needed moments of peace and quiet.

Why low-density living is good for you
Photo via Depositphotos

Since low-density condos mean fewer residents, it is most probable that fewer guests go in and out of the building, too. With a lower volume of visitors on a daily basis, you can sleep well at night knowing that there is better security where you live.

Safety should be one of the top priorities of a buyer. With 24-hour CCTV camera surveillance and roving security, rest assured your safety is their priority, too.


Much of the demand for residential spaces lies within the central business districts (CBDs) in Makati and Bonifacio Global City, among others. Thus, prices for condominiums are sky-high in those areas.

Offering a low-density lifestyle, Alpina Heights boasts of affordability and top-notch quality. Deals are truly irresistible as you can get pre-furnished units for functional living that you can get without breaking your bank account.

Invest in a lifestyle that is sure to bid all of life’s stresses goodbye and get more value by paying less and experiencing more.

More space

If the ideal home is where there is more room to move, then a low-density condominium is the perfect choice for you. Trapping yourself within the confines of a tight concrete jungle for the sake of convenience in commuting is not worth the price, if you think about it.

With fewer units, low-density condominiums offer more space than high-rise residences in high-density cities. This is especially ideal for buyers who live with their families since there is more space for household activities.

Why low-density living is good for you
Two-bedroom unit at Alpina Heights

Alpina Heights in Bicutan spans more than half a hectare of development. Even more, 50 percent of its lot consists of open space where residents can enjoy the fresh air and environment. Aside from this, a poolside lounge and sitting area, cafe, basketball court, and Jacuzzi are available for everybody’s leisure, too.

Buyers can get a unit as big as 25sqm with two bedrooms, two balconies, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and two baths for an affordable price.

Better facilities

Facilities and utilities are definitely better when there are fewer people to share them with. Fewer residents means that the chances for damage are minimized and the ease of maintenance maximized. When staying in a condominium of lower density, you can enjoy common areas in their prime condition.

Not only are the common amenities better in low-density spaces, but so are the individual units. Alpina Heights ensures the high standard of their units; they are pre-furnished with basic appliances and basic household furniture, which is perfect if you like the idea of living large.

Why low-density living is good for you
One-bedroom unit at Alpina Heights

What’s more, sustainability is a guarantee. Solar energy is used for common areas in Alpina Heights, and there are facilities for water treatment and rain water conservation. Dual flush toilets, LED lighting in common areas, and maximized natural lighting are also offered.

Take advantage of the low-density lifestyle offered by Alpina Heights. Call (+63) 9178427512, e-mail, or visit

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