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Make your home as majestic as The Grand Budapest Hotel with these color inspirations

by Jillian CariolaPublished: February 23, 2015Updated: February 27, 2015

Using the whimsical color palettes in the Academy Award-winning film for your own home is easier than you think.

In this year’s Academy Awards, the honor of being named Best Production Design went to The Grand Budapest Hotel, a quirky comedy film from the creative mind of Wes Anderson. Ever the lover of interesting color palettes, Anderson’s latest work featured a slew of hues you probably wouldn’t think to use in your own home. But if you’re brave enough to make your home as grand as this award-winning movie, we’ve got a couple of suggestions you can use as inspiration based on the various motifs used throughout the movie.

In the film:
With its blushing pink hue, you could probably spot The Grand Budapest Hotel from miles away.

In your home: Of course, granted you don’t want your home to stand out this way, you can always settle for painting certain portions of your home’s exterior pink, like your front door. Or how about taking the color indoors so you can go crazy with it? The best part is this shade of pink’s not too loud, so you can probably get away with painting an entire room with it if you wanted to. Just don’t be surprised if baggage-laden people come knocking, asking for a room.


Purple and red
In the film:
With uniforms the color of your kids’ favorite singing dinosaur, employees of The Grand Budapest Hotel definitely stood out in any room they entered, but most especially when they rode this bright red elevator.

In your home:  Think this combo’s too strong for you to pull off? Think again. You can always use the two colors together in moderation, or simply use one to accent the other. Used in the right amount, this duo just goes well together, like the charming M. Gustave and his lady love Madame D.


Black with shades of brown
In the film:
These colors are usually present in areas like the stock room or the library. A little serious and sinister-looking, but it makes perfect sense when you consider it’s the backdrop used for the conniving, money-grubbing children of the wealthy Madame D.

In your home: This is probably the safest color combination for you to use, and the most sensible room you can use it for is your home’s study. Not to worry; evil schemes need not be hatched here.


Pink and blue
In the film:
If the infantile colors remind you of desserts, they should since they feature prominently in Mendl’s, a patisserie where Zero’s girlfriend Agatha makes her famous, brightly-colored Courtesan au Chocolat.

In your home: Don’t limit their use to your baby’s nursery; the saccharine mix is more versatile than you think. Why not give your bathroom a country-style upgrade? Or maybe your teenage daughter would appreciate having the motif in her bedroom. You can almost smell the sugary goodness of Agatha's creations here.


Bonus: Combining patterns
In the film: Agatha’s room is a jumble of stripes and florals, which she probably put together willy-nilly simply to have a bit of privacy in the room above Mendl’s which she occupies.

In your home: It’s no longer tacky to put together two textures you’d normally use by its lonesome. This living room features a clever way of combining the two patterns while keeping things stylish. Surely Agatha herself would approve.



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