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Which of these Philippine condo interior designs is for you?

by Jillian CariolaPublished: July 20, 2017Updated: October 9, 2017

Can you see your personality reflected in any of these popular condo interior designs?

The basic idea of a condominium is it is a group of units set in a vertical residential building in the city, giving it the impression that they are plain, boring concrete columns where there is hardly room to move, much less live. Real estate developers are rigorously fighting this one-dimensional first impression, though, by enhancing the live-work-play feeling not just through high-end amenities but well-thought-out themes that pull an entire condo complex together.

Some property brands do not even stop at the building’s exterior; they ensure continuity by bringing the theme in to the lobby, the common areas, the amenity floor, and the roofdeck. At this point, letting the motif into your own condo is up to you; if you want the overall feel of the complex to seep into your unit’s four corners, take heed of some of the most common condo styles in the Philippines today.


The term “cosmopolitan” rings in one’s head as something that is highly sophisticated, worldly, and cultured. The glamour of this principle is so fancy, has even been interpreted into a cocktail (vodka, cranberry juice, orange-flavored liqueur, and lime juice; shake and serve), one that is usually sipped by socialites who are always in the know when it comes to who or what is relevant in society these days. When taken as a visual cue in interior design, it brings up images of sleek pieces of furniture and modern color palettes that never go out of style, especially for condos that are located in a fast-paced urban neighborhood.

Philippine condo interior design MyProperty Philippines cosmopolitan New York decor penthouse living room
A cosmopolitan condo. Photo via Depositphotos

In Megaworld’s Taguig township Uptown Bonifacio are two condos that boast of true urban lifestyle, namely the “all-suites” Uptown Ritz and the privileged Uptown Parksuites. Meanwhile, Century Properties brings the sophistication of New York—particularly the swanky Manhattan area—to Makati with the Gramercy Residences and Trump Tower Manila.

A taste of the tropics

For city dwellers who cannot get over their last vacation in the sunny tropics, bringing it back with them by updating their home’s design makes sense. A resort-like, tropical theme should make you relish the feeling of being on a holiday even while staying in the city limits. But do not confuse a tropical interior design theme with the novelty idea of oversized palm trees and coconut-shaped bowls; there are ways to approach the look in a classy way without transforming your home into a tiki bar. Small things like bringing in leafy potted plants, installing a ceiling fan, and swapping your plush carpet with a woven or straw one are clever but not over-the-top ways to create a beachy vibe.

Philippine condo interior design MyProperty Philippines tropical beach resort decor living room
A tropical living room design. Photo via Depositphotos

Many of DMCI Homes’ condos all over the metro seem to have one thing in common: they all possess a tropical, resort-like theme, like Lumiere Tower in Pasig and Flair Residences in Mandaluyong. Not to be outdone is SMDC and their ocean-themed condos in MOA Complex in Pasay, including Sea, Shell, and Shore Residences; as well as Century Properties’ Azure Urban Resort Residences in Parañaque.

Keeping it simple

The contradictory statement “less is more” is a popular adage in fashion, and one that is just as applicable in interior design: there is just something aesthetically pleasing about the cleanliness of an almost blank space. The danger of that, though, is that in an attempt to visually de-clutter, one can potentially cross the line between minimal and monotonous. A plain wall should not always mean a wall painted eggshell; it can just as well be an undressed brick wall, which retains its character through its color (red) and texture (stone). Also, instead of sticking with just one color, combine two, like black and white for the classic monochromatic effect.

Philippine condo interior design MyProperty Philippines minimalist living room
Minimalism in a living room. Photo via Depositphotos

Take your cue from Vista Residences’ Symphony Towers in Quezon City and Robinsons Luxuria’s Signa Designer Residences, both of which display a minimal, no-nonsense design of simple but elegant symmetrical lines and two-tone coloring.

Au nature-al

For the urbanite who find solace in the great outdoors, green is always in. After spending an entire day steeped in the city’s smoggy atmosphere and dust-filled roads, a home surrounded by lush trees and running water is always a welcome sight. Inside your condo, it is just as possible to get the grit out of your hair and enjoy the idea of being surrounded by nature without stepping past your unit’s threshold. A prominent use of refreshing shades of green is the best way to go, from painting an accent wall to using green curtains or pillows. If there is a place in your unit for it, you could also create a living wall or vertical garden of herbs and decorative plants. Here’s an even more refreshing move: incorporate shades of blue as well; think carpeting with wave-like patterns in the living room or shiny tiles in the bathroom.

Philippine condo interior design MyProperty Philippines nature eco-friendly outdoors living room
A nature-inspired living room. Photo via Depositphotos

A couple of great examples of urban greening in terms of condo development are Filinvest’s Botanika Nature Residences in Alabang, Muntinlupa, and Alveo Land’s Kasa Luntian in Tagaytay, both of which are inspired by nature and its relaxing elements.

The industrial revolution

You can call it utilitarian, no-frills, even hipster. The bottom line about industrial interior design is getting to the condo’s bare bones. Stripping the unit into its rawest form and furnishing it with only the most basic of furniture (and in their most organic form possible, no less) creates the same charm that draws millennials to those quirky coffee shops and container-van food stops that seem to be cropping up left and right. If you need more visuals, think unpainted concrete walls, exposed pipes, blank flooring, wooden or wrought iron furniture (or both), and steel overhead lights.

Philippine condo interior design MyProperty Philippines industrial utilitarian dining room decor
An industrial-inspired unit. Photo via Depositphotos

Targeted towards young professionals that are just as creative and unconventional, Megaworld’s The Ellis possesses a contemporary and unique design that is most apparent in its amenities, particularly the wood-paneled CoLAB Shared Spaces.


Main photo via Depositphotos

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