See how these robots make house cleaning easier
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See how these robots make house cleaning easier

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: July 28, 2015Updated: December 21, 2015

Getting defeated by tiresome household chores? Let these superbots save the day!

Nowadays, it’s not surprising that there are already robots and gizmos to help us in our daily household chores. Although they may not be as sophisticated as those we have seen in, say I, Robot or WALL-E, rest assured that they can accomplish what they were designed to do. Here’s a list of a few of them.

Fukitorimushi: Pillow-like vacuum and cleaner

Designed by Japanese companies Panasonic and Teijin, Fukitorimushi (which means “wipe-up bug” in Japanese) is a pillow-shaped bot that moves across the room like an inchworm. Its patented nanocloth surface called Nanofront sweeps the floor with its polyester filament fibers, with each fiber 7,500 times thinner than human hair and can absorb oil, ultrafine dust and particles. With the help of a blue-white light, Fukitorimushi scans the floor looking for any dirty spot, then proceeds on eliminating the dirt. Once its battery power turns low, it can finds its way back to the recharging station.

Readybot: Kitchen helper

Need a hand to clean the kitchen while you cook? Readybot, a bot designed by a club of Silicon Valley engineers, is here to help to clean up after you. It has two human-sized arms that can pick up various objects, wipe the counter, load the dishwasher and dump leftovers in the trashcan. It can even raise itself up to human height when activated to reach surfaces. With built-in customized cleaning tools, this robot is programmed to handle about 40% of common household chores.

Serpo: Bathroom-cleaning robot

Got no time to clean the bathroom? Serpo, a robot designed by Russian Anna Karmazina, will handle it. Just plug this bot onto a faucet and turn it on. It will clean your bathtub, showers, floors, sink or lavatory pan. It can even move around and climb on walls using suction pads attached to its belly to clean the whole bathroom.

PR2 Bot: Laundry robot

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s Computer Science Division collaborated with those from California-based Willow Garage to create this robot that is programmed to help you with the laundry. It has digital cameras that act as eyes and long grippers as arms. PR2 picks up the clothes to put them into the laundry basket before loading the clothes into the washer. Once the clothes are dry, PR2 proceeds to fold and hang the now clean clothes.  Here’s a video of how PR2 Bot folds the laundry:

Looj: Gutter-cleaning robot

2008’s Best of CES Innovations Awardee, Looj is a robot designed to clean gutters. Controlled by a remote, this robot can move forward and backward while its rotating flaps can clear gutters of stuck debris. This bot can do its job efficiently and swiftly which saves energy and time.

Litter-Robot: Self-cleaning litter box

Litter-box cleaning is probably the most unpleasant task every cat owner has to face, but thanks to the Litter-Robot, this job can be avoided. This bot has a litter bed inside the globe where pet cats can leave their wastes in. It detects the waste, waits for it to dry and clump with the litter before slowly rotating the globe. The clumped waste then drops into a sealed drawer underneath and the litter bed is ready to be used again.


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