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Eight signs of a world-class workspace

by Jillian CariolaPublished: April 21, 2016Updated: April 27, 2016

Can your workspace compete with the best of the best out there? See how many of these points describe it.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines

For a growing business, it’s not enough to simply have top-of-the-line products and services and employees with an admirable skill set and impressive work ethic. Having a space where these two can merge is just as essential to ensure that your business achieves optimal output and satisfies its customers.

Your workplace shouldn’t just be a set of four walls where employees happen to work in; it should speak of your brand’s passion and dedication to your clients, your employees, and your craft. Here are eight indicators that your office space does exactly that.


1. It has a prominent address
When someone finds out your office is in well-known business districts like Makati, Ortigas Center, and Bonifacio Global City, many people will react with admiration and respect, and why wouldn’t they? There are just some places in the country that are well-known for cultivating businesses. It could be the presence of other multinational brands and even Fortune 500 companies, or it could be that these places are designed to compete with financial districts of other countries. Whichever way you look at it, having an office in these busy financial hubs lends your business an air of prominence, which you’ll need to make a name for yourself.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
To prove that you're serious about and dedicated to your business, first welcome your clients in a polished common area.


2. There is great Internet connection
Conducting business online successfully requires having speedy, uninterrupted access to the Internet, especially if your clients or head office is located overseas. In a world-class office, Internet access remain stable and fast no matter how many people are connected, and are even provided to clients and other guests who come to visit. In relation, it’s also necessary that someone is always on hand to assist should employees experience any issues with using it so people can get back to work in no time.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
Provide your employees with top-of-the-line office space for motivation.


3. You’re working with high-quality equipment
Productivity can be hampered by faulty equipment, especially if it’s bad enough that you have to have something as simple as printing a high-quality image done outside the office. This doesn’t just take time away from work; it can also reflect on your business. A professional business needs top-quality equipment, which means working at an office that provides employees with tools like high-definition printers, color-copy machines, laminating machines, and more.

4. There are fully equipped conference rooms
If you’re flying into the country for just a short time to conduct business, how comfortable are you about asking clients and business partners to meet with you at your hotel room? For startups whose products are mostly manufactured at home, it might not be as conducive to make deals with a potential investor in your own living room. Wouldn’t it be better to welcome them in an actual office with a professional conference room? While it’s true that a full-time office isn’t practical, a great option would be to go for serviced offices that allow people to occupy space for short periods of time. These places won’t just enable you to work at a desk; they also have meeting rooms where you can effectively carry out your business transactions.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
Working with proper equipment and having well-equipped business rooms are conducive to great output.


5. The view is both impressive and relaxing
It may seem like a small thing, but having a magnificent view can be essential in a workplace. For one thing, it provides you with an air of luxury and prominence since executives’ offices almost always come with a panoramic view of the city. For another, it can be tedious to stare at a computer screen all day. Taking just a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the lay of the urban land can help you relax enough to power through the rest of your tasks for the day.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
Complement your office space with a nice view for a feeling of luxury and relaxation.


6. You can kick back in a well-outfitted business lounge
Having freshly brewed coffee in the morning helps you jumpstart your day, and being able to access it any time will let you work continuously without having to run to the coffee place in the next building for your caffeine fix. Plus a well-designed lounge complete with equipment like comfy chairs and television not only helps you kick back, but also encourages social interaction. Who knows? During your next lunch break, you might make friends with a like-minded individual you can talk business with.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
No need to rush to the building's cafeteria or outside if the business lounge area is fully stocked and designed for comfort.


7. There’s an excellent customer service team
If you’re constantly on the move and hardly hang around your landline long enough for important business calls, it’s easy to miss potentially big clients. And let’s face it: not everyone has the aptitude for handling calls, which would be fine if you don’t need to constantly field them. But as most businesses do rely on taking and making calls, your inability to do so can be disadvantageous. Having a trained professional handle calls for you, especially if you’re not available, will be a load off your mind. You don’t need to worry about neglecting calls from business associates, as you can have them either take messages or forward the call to you even if you’re at home.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
Having your lobby and phone lines manned by competent customer service providers shows professionalism.


8. You offer your clients a little extra
If your workspace helps you offer quality work and excellent service to your clients, and you’re still able to go the extra mile to keep them happy, you know you’re working at an efficient office. In an ideal workspace, your life would be much easier if the people managing your office can do more than just provide you with a place to work, such as accounting and legal services, company registration, work permit applications, and even hotel and airline booking.

Eight signs of a world-class workspace CEO Suite MyProperty Philippines
Going the extra mile for clients, employees, and guests proves that you know how to take the initiative.


CEO Suite is a one-stop workplace solutions provider offering instant offices, serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting and training rooms, and other professional services to businesses ranging in size from startups to global brands. As a world-class company, CEO Suite operates in 18 centers strategically positioned in 9 key cities in 8 countries.


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