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The Dads of

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: June 19, 2015Updated: December 21, 2015

Cheers to the dads of

In a traditional society such as ours, it is a common belief that the role of supporting the family and providing their necessities falls on the father. He is expected to land a good job, work hard to exceed expectations, overcome any obstacle thrown his way, and, sometimes, even let others bruise his ego and keep in mind the goal of giving everything his family needs. is proud to have such dedicated dads who treat the company like their own child and their colleagues, like family. These dads provide all they could to make sure every task is accomplished, work hard to produce the best results, protect the brand in all aspects, and to render any assistance to keep the site running smoothly.

John Michael Buan

John is part of the Operations Team as a Listing Officer. He used to generate property listings for MyProperty by sifting through countless buildings, villages, and central business districts across the Philippines. Four years and counting in MyProperty, he is now the one in-charge of brokers’ associations and outdated listings. Apart from his daily duties, he also helps others in his team finish tasks and meet their deadlines.

For him, his greatest achievement is always delivering a good performance ever since he joined MyProperty in 2010. He consistently finishes his tasks ahead of time and hits his weekly and monthly targets without fail.

“And I will keep doing so not only for the company and my family but also for myself,” he promises.

As a father, John laments the fact that distance is taking a toll on his quality time with his five-year-old son. His wife and son, who currently live with his mother-in-law, are residing in Lucban, Quezon. Even so, whenever time and resources permit them to meet, he makes it a point to bond with his little one.

“We enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, playing dodgeball, or hide & seek,” he shares. If there’s still more time, they travel to Marinduque to treat their son to his favorite spaghetti and pizza. Seeing his whole family happy and together makes everything worth the trouble and expenses.

His advice to other working dads? “If you have a chance to bond with your family, do it every single time of your life.” As one who is away from his family, he surely knows how precious the time spent with them is. He also advises other dads not to take bad mood home. “Do not let your anger from work ruin the rest of your day and the chance to spend and collect happy moments with your family.”

Ryan John Marvin Patolot

Ryan is MyProperty’s Project and Support Officer. He oversees and manages projects, and he is also the go-to guy whenever the Sales, Operations, and Marketing departments need technical support. He is also the Functionality Tester, trying out new features of our site and making sure that everything on it is working without a glitch. Also, we can always depend on him to create a fun and light working atmosphere, with each member of the team feeling welcome and included like family.

Stamping his fifth year in MyProperty last June 15, he considers all of his contributions to the company as an achievement. Despite being a graduate of Marketing, a degree not related to his current post, his duties are always efficiently done and proven effective. “Everything I have done leads to where I am now, and as I go along I continue to learn more,” he says.

As a proud dad of two, he shares that his life as a working dad has been great. “The experience has taught me a lot of things and in the process molded me into a more mature person.” Balancing his work life and home life is quite easy for him; he gets to focus on his kids during the weekends. He makes sure to seize those days for quality time. He and his son play sports and enjoy mobile and console games together. And with his daughter, they bond through long and endless talks. “Though most of it makes no sense to me to be honest,” he reveals. And as a whole family, they like unleashing the inner Picasso, drawing and coloring throughout the day.

Ryan admits that being a dad is not all fun and games. It requires a lot of sacrifice, patience, and responsibility. “There’s a saying, ‘Anything that comes easy, isn’t worth having,’” he says. He advises other working dads to “Cherish all the time and moments spent with your kids. Try as you might, you can’t keep them as kids forever.” And that’s why he is determined to make the most out of every weekend bonding fun.

Roger Padillo

Roger, nicknamed Roj, is a Senior Account Manager for MyProperty. He seeks corporate accounts, and also manages and handles them. He maintains good relationships with clients and partners, and goes out of his way to secure deals.

Only a year and counting into the company, Roj has already been making and closing huge deals for MyProperty. That is why the greatest achievement for him is not only hitting his monthly targets but also delivering excellent results.

On his home life, he states that being a working father is very challenging but also very worth it.  “It gives me a sense of fulfillment whenever I see that my hard work helps my family, especially my kids. It’s good to see that they are growing up well, and that they’re content and happy. It really motivates me,” he shares.

With time management as his secret to balancing work and home life, he sees to it that he doesn’t have work on weekends. With his four boys, they all bond through video games and karaoke. They also go out on food trips or to just hang out at coffee shops to have a good chat with each other. He also says that being updated with his sons is a must for him. “Be open-minded, keep cool, and evolve with the generation so that you can keep up and be always in the know,” he advises other working dads. “But also have a little time for yourself so you can fully enjoy being a father and a husband,” he adds.

Lawrence Cruz

One of MyProperty’s web developers is Lawrence, also known as Louie. His responsibilities include maintaining the website’s system by checking and double-checking the codes, making sure the database is on track, and creating new features to improve the website.

He has been working for MyProperty for more than a year now and says that producing favorable results is his achievement. He is often described as being very committed to his duties, and contributes valuable efforts to develop and enhance the site.

He describes himself as one excited dad. His son, just nine months old, is his greatest source of joy and energy. He says that coming home from a long day’s work to his baby, whether awake or asleep, relieves all his stress.

As a new dad, he admits that he finds it difficult to lend his hours to work instead of being with his son. A baby’s milestones are often discovered during this stage and he regrets missing them while he’s away. Weekends are what he looks forward to the most because he gets to walk his baby in his stroller every morning and he considers this as the best time spent throughout the week.

Louie knows that as a parent, he must make sacrifices for the sake of his bundle of joy. A secured future for his family is what keeps him going day by day with a comforting thought that all is and will be worth it. And his words of wisdom to his fellow working dads: “You ARE NOT and CAN’T BE a father if you do not take your responsibilities seriously.”

Severino de Castro III

If there is one man who can be considered the “father” of MyProperty, it is none other than our General Manager Severino de Castro III, or Sir Butz, as we call him. Nobody treats MyProperty like his very own more than Sir Butz. He has been with us since the start and has seen the struggles to be conquered, strategies to be planned, and relationships to be preserved in order to make the then-starting company rise and prosper to what it is today.

Sir Butz surely knows the ropes in running a company. Aside from his daily work routine, which includes taking care of clients and partners, seeking new prospects, being in lengthy meetings, and attending to the concerns of the departments, he would also conduct trainings or seminars for the overall improvement of the employees. Not only that, he also handles the company’s quarterly magazine,

The part he plays for the company is undeniably vital, and that can clearly be seen with the success that stemmed from his efforts. However, he considers that his greatest achievement is “Keeping the relationships of internal and external customers strong 5 years into the business, and taking care of all my staff members.”

It does seem like he has a lot to juggle on his hands and admittedly, he shares that his role as a father with a job like his is hectic and stressful. “But it is fully rewarding once you’ve seen your children achieve their own goals and aspirations.” Due to the nature of his job, one might think he brings home work. However, he keeps all the pressure and stress from work in the office. “In this way, I value for myself the time I spend at home,” he shares.

When it comes to his four children, Sir Butz is never too busy to spend bonding time with each of them. Whenever he can, he also helps direct their activities especially those that spell fun such as concerts, trips, dining out, outdoor adventures and sport. He also shares that he tries his best to communicate with them in a consistent manner to maintain a good and happy relationship.

He also emphasizes that family should come first. He advises other dads to spend the same amount of time, if not more, with family as they do with work. “Value the time to watch your kids grow and learn as you do the long hours you spend at work,” he says. Especially in these fast-paced times where everything can be done with just a simple click, parents may not notice the passing of time and their kids growing so fast. “If you goal to encourage your child to become the best they can be, you can always make this the source of your drive to continue working and persevering for their future.”

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