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The Mothers of

by MyProperty.phPublished: May 13, 2015Updated: May 18, 2015

We give tribute to the moms of

Being a mother takes a lot of patience, and strength. Raising a child is never easy, and it is more difficult when you have to balance your time and effort between working and building a good family. The life of a working mother sometimes entails not having time to pamper herself. And many times, her sacrifices will be overlooked, and underappreciated.

Mother’s Day may have passed but we will not forget to give tribute to the mothers that have given their time and effort in keeping MyProperty at the top. In the midst of their motherly responsibilities, they’ve graced us with their skills and hard work to get the job done, and keep our consumers satisfied. These are the incredibly strong and dedicated mothers of MyProperty.

Raychel Gulane

Raychel is one of our Listing Officers at MyProperty. As a Listing Officer, she gathers new listings of properties available for rent or for sale. She heads to different emerging areas, villages, neighborhoods, and central business districts to gather as much information and listings as possible. She assists our sales team by collecting residential and commercial listings, and other materials that they may need. She also updates our them with valuable information on the current market. She has been with the MyProperty team for three years.

For Raychel, her greatest achievement is creating and supporting a family without the financial assistance of her parents or  her husband’s parents, an achievement that few can boast about. She also adds that she and her husband have secured their own residential property at a young age.

She admits that being a working mom is immensely difficult, especially since her daughter, nicknamed Kitkat, is still a toddler. “When I get home, baby Kitkat is asleep. When I leave for work, she’s still asleep. I don’t want to wake her up of course, so I have no choice but to just hold her hands to let her know that I’m here. Thankfully, I have a yaya to help me out, but there are times when I feel like she could be closer to baby Kitkat than I am. During the weekends or whenever I have a free day, I do the very best that I can in taking care of my daughter by being a hands-on mother,” she says.

She advises working mothers that it’s very important to have time for their kids, especially while they are still growing up. At the early stages, children may question why their mother is always away, so she always tries to make Kitkat understand that she is working for the family’s own good. She also adds that working mothers need to make their love and presence felt by their kids. For her part, she showers Kitkat with affection every time she comes home from work, and Kitkat is awake.

Melanie Eugenio

Melanie, nicknamed Lanie,  is one of MyProperty’s Data QA analysts. She uploads classified ads and project pages. She also screens the listings and pages to make sure that they are all of good quality. She has been a valuable member of the MyProperty team for 3 years and 6 months.

Lanie’s greatest achievement is excelling both at work and at home. She says it’s been difficult at times to be the best that she can be at work and at home, but as her son grows, she has learned to manage her time, priorities, and expectations.

For Lanie, mastering the working mother lifestyle is still “a work-in-progress.” Some of the challenges she has had to face is sometimes having to work around the schedule of her husband, who plays in a band. She says if no one is available to take care of her son, or when her son is sick, she goes on leave to focus on her family. Despite the worries that come with being a working mom, Lanie says she still enjoys the lifestyle she’s chosen. “I enjoy being a working mom because I just don’t stay at home and do the same things everyday. Life is a little more exciting.”

To balance her work and home life, Lanie makes sure that the two never mix. She says that she fully concentrates on her work when she is at the office, and does the same when she is with her family. “I never bring my problems at work to home, and I never bring my problems at home to work.” Also, she and her husband make sure to take turns in shouldering parental responsibilities.

Her advice to her fellow working mothers is to make sure that they enjoy where they are working to lessen the stress. She also adds that mothers, working or not, must never hesitate to ask for help when they need it.


Sylvenia Mase

Sylvenia, also known as Iya, has been a part of MyProperty’s sales team for 5 years. She is a junior account manager and is in charge with seeking new brokers and clients to partner with. She also makes sure that our dear partners’ advertising and marketing needs on our site and on our magazine are satisfactorily met.

Like Lanie, Iya’s greatest achievement is being able to succeed in work while doing well as a mother. Iya is proud that she has successfully and consistently reached her target goals, satisfied her clients’ needs, all while taking care of her growing son.

Iya is happy with being a working mom and says being one only adds excitement to life. Despite the difficulties of finding time to take care of her son and going through the 9 - 5 routines of the daily grind, she welcomes these challenges and takes them as opportunities to improve herself. Above all, she’s learned to master her priorities. “If you’re at work, you focus at the task on hand. If you’re at home, of course your number one priority is your baby,” she says.

Iya advises her fellow working moms to never forget to manage their priorities. “No matter what, we will always put caring for our family first, but it is also important to strive hard for the family’s future.”


Melizza Hernandez

Melizza Hernandez, or Lelet, as we call her, is a senior account manager. She handles the corporate accounts. Her daily routine consists of calling and checking up on clients, setting up meetings with them, and crafting and executing presentations. All to close big deals with real estate developers, as well as finance companies.

She claims that her greatest achievement is being a part of the MyProperty team for almost four years. She has maintained her good performance for quite a number of years, a feat that not many can achieve.

“Being a working mother is like juggling two giant balls,” she says. Though she spends more time managing accounts at MyProperty, she still considers working as her second shift. Her first shift will always be her family, she claims. Aside from making certain that she gives sufficient time for both of her shifts, she also has to balance her energy throughout the day. “I should not get exhausted after a long day of work. I have two precious kids waiting for me at home, and I have to save up a lot of energy,” she explains.

For Lelet, family should always be the top priority. “They are reason we are working, and their welfare must be on our minds above all else,” she advises to her fellow working mothers. “We must also use our time wisely. We must have time for the family, our careers, and we must never neglect the time for ourselves,” she adds. On a final note, Lelet urges that working mothers, should love everything that they do to achieve their family and career goals. “We can be successful as long as we put our heart on everything that we do! Working moms are modern-day heroes!”, she ends on a cheery note.

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