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World-class infrastructure in BGC

by Jillian CariolaPublished: December 5, 2013Updated: February 16, 2015

Bonifacio Global City ensures that residents experience high-class living by providing top-of-the-line infrastructure.

Just like the glitz of its shopping and dining areas and the spectacle of its outdoor attractions, Bonifacio Global City’s infrastructure deserves some attention, too. Because of transportation, utilities, and services uncommon to Philippine urban settings, BGC has been likened by many to international cities, emphasizing its status as a true world-class satellite city for residents and visitors.

'Walkable', but lots of parking
BGC is well-known for being a “walkable city” where everything is within reach for residents, but if you’re driving in for the day, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corp (FBDC) provides 14 sizeable parking areas in and around office and commercial areas where you can leave your car (for a fee, of course).

Inside BGC is a public transport system that helps people get around the city more conveniently. Managed by the Bonifacio Transport Corp, the BGC buses shuttle passengers around the city, taking predetermined bus routes and making stops at certain scheduled points. Each bus can carry up to 90 passengers, and operates 24/7.

The BGC bus terminal can be found at the corner of EDSA and Ayala for easy access to and from the MRT.

22 million liters underground
The Bonifacio Water Corp provides BGC residents with a strong, uninterrupted water supply via large water reservoirs. The town also has integrated facilities for collecting, treating, and disposing of sewage. By creating an underground drainage detention system that holds up to 22 million liters of water and releases it under controlled conditions, residents can rest easy that they won’t experience flooding.

Underground communications
When you take photos at BGC, you probably wouldn't notice until later when you review your images that none of them will have those pesky communications lines that often obstruct landscape photos. That’s because BGC's fiber optic cabling network for telephone, cable, and Internet services have all gone underground.

Power, too
Just like phone and cable services, power in BGC is transmitted to homes and businesses through underground lines. These lines are closely supervised by Meralco substations to make sure that the town doesn’t experience power fluctuations or outages.

Another that’s joined BGC’s underground circuit is the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply provided by the Bonifacio Gas Corporation through an underground piping system. This means you won’t have to cook with gas tanks, which carries the risk of leaks and (in worst cases) may explode. There are also some building owners who opt to power their air conditioning systems with LPG to reduce their electricity consumption and ensure that their systems would still be up and running in case of an electrical interruption.

Community well-being
Formed by various owners and occupants of properties within the town, the Bonifacio City Estate Association (BGCEA), is the group that ensures the community’s general welfare. The Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation (BESC) was appointed by the BGCEA to maintain the safe and sustainable nature of the entire area.

Round-the-clock security
Aside from employing round-the-clock patrol guards, BGC also has a police/security assistance center that offers immediate action to safety and security concerns. Also on hand to respond to emergency situations is the Bonifacio Global City Emergency Response Team (ERT), which has its own ambulance and fire truck for medical emergencies, fire incidents and natural disasters. Road safety for motorists and pedestrians are guaranteed by motorized patrol and deputized traffic enforcers.

Sustainably clean
There’s no denying that BGC is one of the cleanest and greenest areas in the metro, thanks to the satellite city’s initiatives related to healthy and sustainable living. Aside from recyclable waste collection and regular tree planting, BGC also stays on top of maintenance of landscapes and street curbs, installation or replacement or traffic signs, and restoration of common areas.




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