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Clairemont Hills: A residential project that follows good feng shui principles

by Nadine PacisPublished: February 13, 2015Updated: February 25, 2015

Anchor Land held a talk on feng shui with Master Hanz Cua and gave their community members a tour of their ultra-exclusive project: Clairemont Hills

On February 4, invited guests of Anchor Land's Clairemont Hills were treated to a Feng Shui Talk led by Master Hanz Cua on Health and Wellness. Just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year, Master Hanz advised the audience of the dos and don’ts for a prosperous, healthy, and happy year of the Wood Sheep.  From Chinese Zodiac signs to the Flying Star system, Master Hanz guided the audience on charms, cures, and remedies to enhance and harness good luck and repel misfortunes.

Lucky signs for this year are Rat, Tiger, and the Rabbit. While unlucky signs this year are the Ox and Rooster. Master Hanz also advised that the East, Southwest, and North sectors are lucky sectors for the year of the Wood Sheep. Meanwhile, those who frequently use the West, Center, South, and Southeast sectors of their homes may attract misfortune in 2015.


The Tour

After the talk, guests were given a tour of the ultra-exclusive Clairemont Hills. Mr. Noli Alleje of Anchor Land briefly spoke about the unique property, which has 23 townhouses and a condominium right in the center. It is the first and only residential project that pairs townhouses with a condominium. He says that most of the buyers who are interested in the property are young families and elders who are also from San Juan. "These young families or young couples with small children are from San Juan and have families in San Juan. And they’ve chosen to start their new family here as well. For our condominium units, the market there is for elders. They have always lived in San Juan but do not want to worry about managing their homes. So they choose to live in the condominium," he says.

The project is also well suited for those who seek health, wellness, and prosperity in life. Among the amenities of the project are the function room with its own kitchen, 25-meter lap pool, fitness center with its own gym equipment, jogging and biking paths, and a game room with billiards, darts and chess among others. The rest and recreation facilities for both indoor and outdoor fun and relaxation blend perfectly with the abundant greens and tropical atmosphere. Master Hanz commented that the residential project follows good feng shui principles and is built on an auspicious address which can enhance the luck and fortune of those who choose to live in the San Juan development.

Clairemont Hills also boasts a thoughtful design that prioritizes safety and peace of mind. While one would usually expect a parking lot right beside its respective townhouse unit, the parking area in Clairemont Hills is located at the lower ground of the development. “What's nice about is that it's a mix of a townhouse project with an underground parking. Above ground, there is no risk for your child for any accidents. So the place is very safe and secure. There is also a lot of space between the townhouses,” Mr. Alleje says. The design gives children the freedom to stroll and play around their neighborhood without their parents worrying for their safety.
Mr. Alleje also believes that Clairemont Hills’ location is one of its best selling points. “Anchor Land’s best amenity is its location. 5 - 10 minutes you're in Green Hills. You're close to the schools. You're also close to the churches. Everything is near.”

The project, which is touted as learning-driven, is conveniently located mere minutes away from San Juan City’s most notable schools. Being at the heart of San Juan City, families with young students will find that the residence is ideally located near Xavier School, Immaculate Conception Academy, and La Salle Greenhills.

Clairemont Hills will soon complete their turnover.

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