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Empowering PH brokers with world-class practices

by Jillian CariolaPublished: September 30, 2015Updated: October 6, 2015

Local real estate brokers and agents can avail of world-class training and education to improve sales through RE/MAX Philippines.

RE/MAX country manager Michelle Perlas and president Leonard Campos (third and fourth from left) with RE/MAX franchisees

Several experts have been noting the continuous rise of the country’s real estate landscape over the years. The increase of foreign investments, particularly in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, is seen as the primary driving force of demand for commercial and residential properties.

Developers are seeing this trend as their cue to build more properties, leading to the increase of brokers and agents who are looking for an opportunity to grow their career in the business. This is why, according to RE/MAX Philippines country manager Michelle Perlas, the timing could not have been more ideal for the recent official launch of the brand.

“The country is in the midst of a real estate boom, and we are just right on time. But this boom is just part of a bigger economic rise for our country. The Philippines is no longer the 'Sick Man of Asia’. We have heard from the news that we are already Asia's 'Rising Tiger'. The economy is booming, and it's just ripe for RE/MAX to be here," she noted.

RE/MAX is a real estate brand that offers end-to-end business solutions by providing brokers and agents with training and education to improve customer service. The brand also aims to address other common obstacles that real estate practitioners experience, such as controlling expenses and managing the bottom line. According to RE/MAX, the company is currently rendering their services in almost 100 countries.

“We aim to change the country's real estate landscape by offering our affiliates the strength of the RE/MAX brand. We have unparalleled live training events, 24/7 online consumer education programs, and a vast global network. We also have the necessary tools and information all our member agents get exclusively." Perlas explained.

RE/MAX president Leonard Campos explained what obtaining a RE/MAX franchise offers brokers and agents: "The first thing we offer is being the number 1 real estate brand in the world, so you get immediate exposure and credibility. The second part we offer is a business model that works in close to a hundred countries worldwide.”

“What RE/MAX does is it takes business practices from all over the world and use the best. We're not trying to take over the way real estate is done (here). We're just trying to enhance it. So if the franchisees do their commitment and through the network, we hope to accomplish some change,” he clarified.

“The idea is we need to professionalize the way real estate is done in the country,” Perlas added.

RE/MAX also believes that consumers likewise benefit from the brand, in that they are training their brokers and agents how to better relate to their buyers or lessees.

“RE/MAX teaches its franchisees or brokers to get to know their clients. We want them to get to know their prospects and find out what these people want versus what they need. This is how they can be effective brokers. In the end, what we will have are happy customers and that’s why we are here,” Perlas shared.

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