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by Aye P. UbaldoPublished: May 26, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Search engine competitiveness, technical performance, social media engagement tops in the game.

In a medium that is ever-changing and flexible, extensive and specific, products and services are under pressure to rise above the competition on their online platforms. There are no set rules, no recipes for successful websites, social media pages, or the like. There are common sense tips, and marketing logic, and a whole lot of faith on the digital space to make a commendable e-Commerce site.

But when you arrive at a winning formula, there’s no other way but to be consistent at it.

In March, Summit Media bagged six “Best In” trophies at the 6th DigitalFilipino Web Awards held at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. Six of its publications portals got the nod of the independent awards body, namely (Real Estate category), (Magazine category), (Magazine category), (Showbiz category), (Sports category), and (Society category)., with over 130,000 Facebook “Likes”, is neatly designed with a soft green and brown color motif, this website doubles as directory and search hub, as well as a quick communications venue between real estate agents and customers.

More than a residential “For Sale” roster, lists all home types, either for sale or rent, and provides links to agents and developers. What’s neat about the site is its accessibility. The site is easy to navigate, and access to information is extensive. It has a number of functionalities. But, if you’re just there to search more than shop, has a wide range of information, with good images, of properties nationwide. The path to purchase—or sell—is literally clicks away—to lead users straight to the desired product.

And speaking of a directory, has a list of legitimate agents, all licensed real estate professionals. For people planning to invest their lifesavings on real estate, planting the seed of their family’s future on fertile ground, a list of accredited agents is a goldmine. In this aspect, the website weeds out shady agents. Users can easily communicate with their desired agent by simply clicking on the “Inquire here” box. There’s nothing complicated with this system, and the user experience is smooth.

The annual DigitalFilipino Web Awards is organized by the Digital Filipino Club led by Janette Toral. A consistent champion of the digital space, and a respected figure in the Philippines’ Internet and eCommerce circuit, Toral designed the DigitalFilipino Web Awards.

This year, 39 categories were recognized, some of them from Retail to Banking, Airline and Telecommunications, Society and Food, name it, Digital Filipino had it covered.

These websites were recognized on the basis of the following criteria: Search engine competitiveness, website traffic stickiness, technical performance, and social media engagement.

From a blog entry on, Toral wrote of the awards as “a personal project to get our community members in the DigitalFilipino Club involved in discovering new websites and learning collectively on best practices. It is also an experiment in terms of measuring brand influence and reach through third-party data sources.”

In the nature of all things digital, scalability is a plus. The ability to upgrade in almost an instant allows the DigitalFilipino Web Awards to switch its criteria to become metrics-based. This is a two-pronged methodology that “understands further how search engines and social media react to content and user engagement,” Toral wrote.

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