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What are the right tools for online real estate marketing?

by Nadine PacisPublished: February 27, 2015Updated: February 27, 2015

At Digital Filipino's "Digital Marketing for Real Estate Bootcamp",'s GM Butz De Castro discussed the important tools for marketing real estate on the web

It’s a widespread phenomenon: Real estate marketing is going digital. And with the rise of the country’s real estate industry, more and more buyers, developers, and brokers have taken to the internet to search, start transactions, buy, and sell properties and developments. Technology has also made it possible for players in real estate to connect with customers in different ways and different platforms.

But for real estate brokers and developers who are just starting to join the online movement, the digital space could be a tricky area to navigate. The internet is overwhelmingly loaded with information, tools, and opportunities of interaction, that it could be difficult to comprehend for these newcomers. To help make sense of it all, Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino held the Digital Marketing for Real Estate Bootcamp. The bootcamp is dedicated for those in the industry looking to learn more about the digital platforms and how they can apply real estate marketing strategies to reach a larger audience.

Invited speaker at the event is our Country Manager Butz de Castro. De Castro tackled with the audience the many tools and services real estate professionals can utilize. With the fast growing number of Filipino online users interested in real estate, he emphasized the importance of maximizing the existing online tools for buyers and customers to reach real estate brokers and developers. He explained that users are often faced with so much information that it becomes difficult to sift through the overwhelming data and find the information or property that they are seeking. “You must employ tools that will help you and your customer find each other,” he said.

Some of the tools De Castro cited are good web design and development, Google’s tools, and interactive and engaging visuals such as interactive floorplans, quality videos, and professional photos. He also cited blogging tools, as well as social media sites. He also recommended the use of mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites due to the surge of Filipino internet users spending more time on their hand-held phones and devices.

Finally, he mentioned the importance of capitalizing on the tools’ interactivity and combining them with brokers’ and developers’ understanding their customers. “Know your customers’ persona, and strongly and actively engage with them,” he advised. 

Toral’s Digital Marketing for Real Estate Bootcamp seminars are ongoing and will be held in different locations. To find out more, go to

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