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Napoles is selling off her Makati houses

by MyProperty.phPublished: July 14, 2014Updated: August 17, 2015

One of them can be yours for the “low” price of Php 450 million.

Napoles’ house in Forbes Park is being offered at Php 450 million. (Photo from

If you’ve been following the story of alleged pork barrel fund scam organizer Janet Lim-Napoles, then you already know that she’s supposedly trying to sell off her properties, which consist of houses, condo units, and vehicles. Added to the properties she’s said to own in the US, her assets are worth a whopping Php 3 billion.

The properties in the Philippines, according to the scandal's whisteblowers, were purchased under the guise of three to five companies, all of which are supposedly owned by Napoles.

Of special interest are her two homes in Makati. One of them, a 3,500-sqm home in Forbes Park, is being sold for Php 450 million.

Her 695-sqm home in Magallanes Village has a price tag of Php 50 million. This property is supposed to be where Napoles held her nephew and primary whistleblower Benhur Luy for weeks.

According to an informant, the homes have been on the market for a while since the pork barrel scandal erupted. But even with the “low” price they’re being sold for, potential buyers back off when they find out its connection to Napoles.

One whistleblower’s lawyer, Atty. Stephen Cascolan, said buyers should be wary of purchasing these properties since they were acquired using government funds. He also revealed that they plan to ask the Land Registration Authority and the Land Transportation Authority to keep these properties from being sold.


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