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Philippine Real Estate Services You Can Trust

by OMI Land Title ServicesPublished: December 23, 2013Updated: December 2, 2014

OMI Land Title Services is one property company you can rely on to help you with your real estate concerns.

If you’re a Filipino working or based abroad and you want to buy a property or need to attend to your property in the Philippines, who do you go to?
If you’re a foreigner that would like to buy a condominium in the Philippines, where do you go?

Miles away from the Philippines, the first question on your mind is who would you trust to do these things for you?  Unless you plan to go home soon and spend your precious vacation time going to various government agencies just to do these things, you are better off having someone else do it for you. While you could ask a relative or a friend or persons referred by them to help you with your property concerns, they might not have the time or the expertise in handling real estate transactions.  Or, you may simply not have anyone you can trust enough to handle these concerns for you.

Now, there’s OMI Land Title Services.   A division of Orion Property Development, Inc. which is a subsidiary of Prime Orion Philippines (a publicly listed company), OMI Land Title Services (OMI-LTS) offers land title services such as Title Transfer, Reconstitution/ Replacement of Lost Land Title, Title Verification, Real Property Tax Payment, and transactions/documentation on Property Inheritance such as Extra Judicial Settlement and Estate Tax Payment.  With proven expertise and extensive experience in the field of land titling services, OMI-LTS caters to both corporate and retail clients that include major Banking Institutions and corporations in the Philippines.

With its team of real estate professionals and in-house lawyers, OMI-LTS will help you with what you need.  Buying a property?  OMI-LTS will help you with the Due Diligence and Title Transfer.  Lost your Land Title?  OMI-LTS will help you with the issuance of a replacement.  They will also pay your Real Property Taxes for you every year.

With every service comes quality and integrity that only OMI-LTS can provide.  Safe, prompt and reliable, you can trust OMI Land Title Services to do the work for you and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

For more information regarding real estate services, please call OMI Land Title Services at (632) 884-11-06 or visit their website at

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