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The Broker Website: a new way to bring your properties to your buyers

by MyProperty.phPublished: November 6, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Want an easier way for buyers to find you online? See the advantages of having your very own Broker Website.


Now that you’ve availed of’s premium advertising packages, you pretty much have a foot in the door of your target market. But how would you like to take things one step further and invite buyers into your very own website? just launched a new, more personalized method of displaying your listings to people looking for a new home: the Broker Website. Essentially your very own website with the tools, a Broker Website allows buyers to check out all of your listings in a microsite designed for you.

Being online anywhere, anytime
As in any industry, one of the keys to having a good online reputation is being committed to stay up-to-date on what your client needs and when they need it. Recent studies show that the Philippines is the fastest-growing internet audience with 38 million users¹, a number that continues to grow to this day. And in May 2014, there were over 12 million searches (and growing!) related to real estate on Google². This means the people you’re targeting with your flyers and newspaper ads might not be getting your message.

You want to make sure you’re visible wherever your clients are, and a Broker Website will take you there. Being online enables you to interact with your target market online. Taking it further, having a personal website shows professionalism as a broker, lending credibility and gaining your client’s trust, but also lets them know you are personally invested in the transaction.

Most importantly, it gives you a mobile-friendly platform where buyers can view your listings on the go. Fast fact: in the past 8 months alone, users on mobile phones increased by over 520%, while tablet browsers went up over 260%³. Our Broker Website is has a completely responsive design, which means browsing properties using hand-held devices will be a breeze. Through a mobile-friendly Broker Website, you can experience a boost in your listings’ visits and views, which can potentially translate to inquiries and even sales.

Make your life easier
Uploading a single listing isn’t that difficult, even if you have to do it manually if you want it posted on several different websites. But if you have dozens, even hundreds of listings to share, you’re going to need some help, and this is where the Broker Website comes in. When you upload a listing to your Broker Website, it isn’t just displayed there; it goes up in our main website too so you’re getting twice the exposure in a single go.

Tailored according to your needs
One of the best things about having a Broker Website is having something that literally has your name on it. As a broker, you get to create your own domain name to allow clients to find your microsite more quickly. Instead of having to memorize a long URL, you can simply tell clients to visit Fast, simple, and easy to remember.

You can customize the look and feel of your Broker Website too. There are a total of six microsite templates for you to choose from, each offering a different way of presenting your listings and your brand’s information.

Get ahead of the competition: increase your views and inquiries with your own Broker Website! Learn more about our latest offering by contacting our sales team at 451-8888 loc. 1127 or

1 Certified Digital Marketer Program and the International Institute of Digital Marketing
2 Google Analytics stats - May 2014
3 Google Analytics stats - January-August 2014 vs. January-August 2013

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