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Why you should consider getting a job in the real estate industry

by Nadine PacisPublished: March 20, 2015Updated: March 20, 2015

Just graduated or in-between jobs? Here are reasons why you should consider applying for a job in the real estate industry

The month of March is always a special one for most of us. It marks the start of summer, and it also marks the start of planning summer getaways with friends and family. For some though, March is a little more special this year, as it finally marks the end of their undergraduate days. Gone are the days of toiling away in school, reading books, writing essays, and working on project after project. As they bid farewell to the life of a student, they are ushered in and welcomed to the real world, where they make their own paths and create their own opportunities.

Some students have already laid out their blueprints the moment they chose their degree. Whether it be engineering, nurses, or architecture, their paths are clear. Other students have a larger selection, with different industries offering different options that suit the education they received. Their only problem: deciding which industry to choose.

Fresh graduates already scouting for their first job may want to consider venturing to the real estate industry for these reasons:

It generates a lot of jobs
According to DOLE’s Project 2020 Vision, the real estate industry is one of the key employment generators in the Philippines, thus working at the sector is an ideal choice for both new graduates and those in-between jobs. The industry has a variety of jobs that suit business administration/management majors, marketing majors, accounting majors, and even advertising majors. Some entry level options offered by different real estate companies may not even need a specific degree. Job seekers can search for property specialists, broker relations specialists/coordinators, property consultants, accounting associates, or real estate agents, and start from there.

A multi-billion dollar industry
There’s a reason why almost all of the country’s richest are real estate moguls.  Henry Sy, John Gokongwei Jr., and Andrew Tan, have billions of dollars to their name and most of their billions come from their various ventures in real estate.

A more “down-to-earth” financial reason for joining the real estate industry is the fiscal benefits and privileges employees get on a yearly basis.’s 2014 Bonuses report shows that companies in the real estate industry usually give the largest bonuses to their employees regularly.

Individuals good at selling can expect to rake in more money through commissions. It takes a lot of effort but the rewards are usually worth it. Good sellers can create their own opportunities by getting themselves a real estate broker license and building a good network of buyers and sellers. They can manage their own time and resources, and will not have to worry about climbing a corporate ladder. 

Property continues to be a booming sector
There are a lot more real estate development projects coming up this year, and the real estate sector shows no signs of stopping their growth anytime soon. Residential, commercial, and office spaces continue to be built across the country with BPOs, OFWs, and emerging central business districts driving demand for more real estate.

In addition, one of the largest projects that job seekers can look forward to is the continuous large-scale development of Entertainment City. Tourism real estate companies both local and abroad will be tapping into Asia’s new gaming capital soon and it can be expected that a lot of jobs will be opening up due to this.

The real estate industry’s upward trend can make a career in the sector, an exciting one. With hard work and a good attitude, new graduates may even find that they can be financially independent enough to rent an apartment or a studio condominium sooner than they think.

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