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Will 2015 be a lucky one for real estate?

by Nadine PacisPublished: February 6, 2015Updated: February 9, 2015

We spoke with Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua to learn if the real estate industry will be lucky this 2015, as well as to find out what developers, brokers, and buyers should do to usher in a prosperous year.

Filipinos have always ascribed to the art of Feng Shui for their general luck in life. Feng Shui is an ancient philosophical practice from the Chinese that aims to make an environment bring harmony and luck to people living in it. For Filipinos, it has become a yearly tradition to seek wisdom from Feng Shui masters before a big move or just before a Chinese New Year to maximize their luck and bring in harmony into their homes. Working on advice, some may change the main color theme of their homes or rooms and some may add charms. Some may arrange their furniture to adjust the flow of energy in their homes. Still others may take on extreme measures like do major renovations to ward off bad energy or bad luck in the home.

Feng Shui masters are often sought for advice by developers, investors, and buyers of real estate. As the Chinese New Year draws closer, businessmen, developers, investors, and consumers alike await Feng Shui masters’ advisories for the year and, as far as our talk with Feng Shui Master Hanz  Cua is concerned,  it seems all signs point to a prosperous year for the real estate sector.

In an interview after his Feng Shui talk at Clairemont Hills, San Juan, Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua said that 2015 will be a great year for real estate. “Investing in real estate is very good,” Hanz said. Hanz also revealed that the real estate sector will not only be lucky this year, but will remain auspicious until the year 2024. “Real estate is good until 2024. Real estate is in a good period known as Period 8. This is a 20-year period which started in 2004. This period makes it very good to invest in real estate properties," he explained.

He stressed that 2015 is relatively a good year to invest in real estate because of fortune brought by the Wooden Sheep. "Wood Sheep brings in a lot of opportunities or a lot of money in 2015. Wood is the element of wealth. We also have the presence of the 5 elements in the chart and we have a lot of combinations or allies. This means this year, there will be a lot of helping hands. There will be a lot of businesses, which will lead to more jobs for everyone. This makes it an auspicious year to consider buying properties for the family."

Buyers be aware

But just because 2015 is a lucky period for the real estate industry doesn’t mean it is safe to invest immediately. For buyers, Hanz clarifies that they should be wary of the location of the property, the date of their transactions, and their astrology reading.

“If you are investing in real estate, you need to base it on your birth date. There are two groups: East group and West group. Not everyone will be lucky if they buy a property in the East and others will be luckier if they buy a property in the West. You have to base it on your birth date. How will you know if you belong in the East group or the West group? You have to have your birth date computed by a Feng Shui master and have an astrology reading. It is Feng Shui for you,” he explained.

Aside from checking contract dates and moving dates, he also advises buyers to inspect the house if there is proper Feng Shui. In particular, he advises buyers to look at where the house would be facing.

Developers must be guided

Hanz also explained the importance of having a Feng Shui master as a guide for a developer making major decisions. Feng shui principles must be applied the moment a developer decides to buy land. Hanz says that developers who are guided by Feng Shui masters like him will find that their projects are more successful and that their developments are more profitable. “Developers will ask me questions like when is the best time to sign a contract to purchase the land, when is the best time to start the ground-breaking, and what is the best ritual for ground-breaking.” he enumerated.

Aside from taking note of dates and of ground-breaking procedures, developers take it a step further by ensuring that Feng Shui is followed in the location, positioning, and design of their condominiums. Hanz often works closely with developers, engineers, and architects in condo developments to make sure that the real estate they offer bring no less than harmony and prosperity to their buyers/consumers. “Tenants in condominiums that have good Feng Shui often tend to have better luck than tenants in condominiums that have bad Feng Shui,” Hanz explained.

Good feng shui practiced consistently throughout a development is also good karma for developers. “While it is good to be efficient and save space, it is also important to think of the Feng Shui aspect of building. You will be making millions, so it is good karma to ensure that the tenant will live in a condominium with good Feng Shui. Some condominiums with good Feng Shui have tenants who have continuous flow of money,” he continued.

Brokers must take note of directions
Finally, for brokers, Hanz advises that they repaint their offices with this year’s lucky color. “Brokers, make sure to repaint your office with color green. Since Wood is the element of wealth, painting your area green or wearing green will enhance money.” He also added that brokers change their location of activity to a suitable sector in their home or office.  “Put your office table in the north west part of the home or office, facing east or facing south. Put your saints on the north east part of your office. Southwest brings in long-term prosperity for you. So if you are answering calls or emails, stay on the southwest.”

Spirituality and hard work is most important
While following Feng Shui principles can bring in good energy and enhance your luck, Hanz clarified that prayers and hard work are still more important for a fruitful and prosperous 2015. “Spirituality is still important, as well as hard work. Feng Shui is the extra ingredient. I’m not saying 100% that when we use Feng Shui or if you seek for my Feng Shui advice that we will always be lucky. There is no guarantee. Even businesses do not 100% make money. All we are doing is that we are enhancing and harnessing luck.”

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