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CREBA calls for better legislation to improve Filipino housing issue

by Jillian CariolaPublished: August 1, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

CREBA will tackle insufficient housing and how to solve it in this year’s annual national convention.

“While the country is in need of 5.5 million dwelling units to address the housing backlog, inadequacy of funding complemented by insufficient legislative measures will render efforts to solve this problem farther from reality.”

This is a declaration from the Chamber of Real Estate & Builders’ Associations, Inc. (CREBA) national chairman Charlie A.V. Goyareb as he discussed the nation’s problem of insufficient housing in their latest newsletter. In the statement, Goyareb also cited several ways that the government can help private sectors in providing homes to Filipinos. CREBA’s proposals include passing the omnibus bill creating a Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHUD), the establishment of a Centralized Homebuyer Financing Program (CHFP), and the amendment of the proposed National Land Use Act.

"The above are just among the most vital and urgent measures that call for immediate enactment into law," he said.

According to Goyareb, CREBA has been pushing for legislation and policies specific to Filipino homeownership since the association’s inception 40 years ago, and this issue will be the focal point of the 23rd annual CREBA National Convention, happening on October 15-18 in Iloilo City.

Themed ‘Ensuring Decades of Growth’, CREBA aims to turn the convention into a place where industry leaders will “converge to plan, work and collaborate in the framework of private sector and government cooperation.”

"The 23rd Annual CREBA National Convention... is the apt venue for stakeholders to uncover and link together sustainable and strategic ways to keep the industry's upward momentum," Goyareb noted.


For more information about the 23rd Annual CREBA National Convention, click here.


Source: CREBA


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