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Expand Your Horizon and Reach for Global Heights

by Worldbex Services InternationalPublished: March 14, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Maximize your business opportunities as 19th WORLDBEX sets the stage for the biggest trade show, B2B transactions, and an international congregation of industry professionals.

Borne out of the industry’s need to increase market scope and sales growth, Worldbex Services International founded the Philippine World Building Construction and Exposition. Now on its 19th edition, WORLDBEX returns as the country’s biggest trade show for construction and home finishing materials.

Each year, WORLDBEX augments its efforts to produce a bigger and more dynamic exposition with the goal of setting the most ideal platform for businesses to expand and flourish. As a result, last year’s WORLDBEX garnered record-breaking success with over 158,000 visitors each year and 500 exhibitors, both local and international.

Expand your business horizon

It is no surprise that for over two decades now, WORLDBEX has solidified its reputation as a pillar of the industry as it serves as a primary source of the latest industry trends and information, as well as an effective venue to expand one’s business horizon.
Frequented by a healthy mix of visitors including architects, direct buyer-end users, contractors, distributors, developers, dealer-agents, purchasers, importers and exporters, interior designers, IT-IS specialists, marketing and sales representatives, consultants, and more – the 19th WORLDBEX is seen to be an ideal ground for business-to-business (B2B) transactions.

Most notably, WORLDBEX opens new doors and welcomes limitless possibilities as it explores the theme of “Connecting the World through Resilient Construction”. The focus on resilient and sustainable construction will make way for a wide range of new technologies that are innovative as it is in-demand.
Through a series of booths and activities, this year’s WORLDBEX will deliver a progressive and insightful production through a diverse exchange of knowledge and trade information. The five-day exposition also promises a multi-faceted experience as it divides various industry sectors into categorical pavilions – allowing for a smoother and easier transaction for suppliers, distributors, and dealers looking to find the best partnership.

Acting as a massive showroom for the latest equipments, products, and services, one can expect to find a wide array of exhibitors such as Apo Roofs and Floors, Boysen, Akari, Matimco, SCG, Mariwasa, Panasonic, Steeltech, Firefly, and so much more.

Platform for progress

As the 19th WORLDBEX welcomes trade professionals, industry bigwigs, dealers, distributors, and consumers, the business opportunities are next to endless. Adding more to what seems to be an otherwise full and sufficient production, WORLDBEX will offer a Business Matching Service which is an onsite service that facilitates actual business matching services to assist trade professionals to identify their needs and align it with their visions. In effect, the transaction between traders and buyers would be more efficient and hassle-free.

In fact, WORLDBEX has bore witness to some of the most formidable partnerships in the industry such as when Miguel “Tata” Yuchico Lasala III, owner of Cuadro Ocho, Inc. first visited the expo in 1999 and was approached by Matimco Incorporated. Today, Lasala is the exclusive distributor of Matimco products in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan – boosting his business to greater heights.

Such is also the story of Shirley Sanders, owner of Garden by Sanders, who up to this very day, swears by WORLDBEX and its ability to help businesses acquire a lot of inquiries and possible buyers.

It is no surprise that for Patrick Wall, Commercial Counselor of the U.S. Embassy, “the U.S. Commercial Service considers Worldbex Services International (WSI) as an important ally in addressing the Philippine building and construction sector’s need for innovative building products.  WSI is a partner in furthering my office’s mission to open doors for U.S. suppliers and introduce the latest American building products to Philippine buyers.”

Medium of the future

Recognizing the need to open up the industry on a global scale, WORLDBEX highlights the International Pavilion, which will feature the latest building construction products from foreign countries. These pavilions will comprise of 30% of WORLDBEX including global companies from the US, China, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Switzerland, India, Thailand, and Austria. Plus, foreign industry experts will also be conducting seminars alongside our very own representatives.

The substantial presence of foreign participants easily elevates the features of the exposition because – enabling a limitless pool of information and opportunities. As such, foreign companies looking for local counterparts to distribute their products are given a unique opportunity to interact conveniently with one another.

Honored and privileged to be instrumental in nurturing the industry, WORLDBEX invites industry players to maximize and take advantage of this rare opportunity. Given the wide scope of exhibitors and long list of scheduled events and activities, WORLDBEX reminds visitors to plan ahead in terms of exhibitors that one must and want to see. Deciding how much time one would want to spend at the show and per booth could also help one in time management.

Also, WORLDBEX stresses the importance of teamwork, wherein colleagues from a team can be individually assigned to visit a particular list and attend certain seminars. Among the essential materials that one should bring are a lot of business cards, notepads and pens, as well as a comfortable carry-all bag. Once there at the expo, avoid wasting time on booths that one is not interested in. The important thing is to get down to business and be prepared to ask and answer questions.

To this day, WORLDBEX remains to be the most anticipated trade show as it continues to deliver a world-class exposition. A proven and effective avenue where businesses and industry professionals can acquire maximum leads for sale optimization, don’t miss the 19th WORLDBEX on March 12 to 16, from 10am to 8pm at the World Trade Center Manila.

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