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How RE/MAX PH helps brokers boost their sales

by RE/MAX PhilippinesPublished: January 8, 2015Updated: January 8, 2015

Find out how joining RE/MAX Philippines can propel your sales career in real estate.


RE/MAX Philippines is set to conquer greater heights in 2015 as it continues to offer franchising opportunities to Real Estate Brokers/Practitioners who want endless possibilities. With seventeen (17) successful and winning franchisees on board, RE/MAX Philippines aims to double that number by yearend, increasing its presence in NCR and Luzon and expanding in the robust Visayas-Mindanao Region. Do you want to be a part of the growing RE/MAX Philippines family?

Are you a broker looking for an opportunity? Do you want to be involved with a company that is going to take care of your interests and that of your sales associates? Are you faced with the challenge of keeping your sales agents, productive, motivated and still running a profitable business? If you can relate to all or any of these issues the following information is valuable to you.

We have addressed the six major challenges that face broker/owners and shown how RE/MAX has solved these problems for broker/owners to help them come out ahead.


Have you been faced with the challenge of recruiting top agents?
RE/MAX is structured so that you are able to offer the highest possible compensation to your sales associates, along with the support and services that are necessary to recruit and retain million-dollar producers. Regional training classes are regularly provided to assist broker/owners and managers how to identify and train the best recruits.

Because RE/MAX is known throughout the real estate industry as the home of top producers as a RE/MAX broker/owner you will also gain this reputation. We’re here to help you succeed.

How does RE/MAX help brokers to retain top-producing agents?
RE/MAX is built on innovation and is continually developing ways to assist sales associate to increase their business.

One very effective avenue that has been extremely successful for sales associates has been the agent-to-agent referral system. The extensive awards and recognition programs at RE/MAX is the most distinguished in the industry where outstanding affiliates are recognized and awarded for their achievements. Because of this top-producing sales associates don’t have a reason to look elsewhere and remain with RE/MAX.

No one offers more than RE/MAX.

Are you looking to develop true industry professionals?
To develop and keep sales professionals requires ongoing motivation and advanced training.

At RE/MAX, we’ve perfected and initiated the most extensive motivational and advanced training system in the industry called the RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN). The only real estate organization with a TV channel, we bring four hours of education and motivation to RE/MAX Affiliates worldwide. Busy salespeople further their education and designations such as CRP, CRS, ABR and CCIM, without having to attend classes or seminars in faraway venues.

We train outstanding sales associates to achieve outstanding results.

Are overhead costs continually a concern to you?
RE/MAX has created a unique solution to controlling overhead costs for broker/owners. RE/MAX associates share in the monthly overhead and operating expenses of a RE/MAX office. When costs go up, whether it’s adding more support staff or new office equipment sales associates are responsible for meeting the increases, not the broker/owner. In addition RE/MAX offers regional training programs to educate broker/owners on a profitable business.

How does RE/MAX compete in a constantly changing industry?
With the constantly changing real estate industry RE/MAX continues to be the leader by continually creating and developing innovative programs to maximize the success of its affiliates. RE/MAX was the first international real estate franchise organization to have it’s own website. We also offer a wide range of programs such as the CD-Roster and Office and Agent Software to help RE/MAX Affiliates stay ahead of the competition.

With RE/MAX brokers and associates stand above the crowd.

How does RE/MAX measure success?
At RE/MAX, dreams of success and prosperity have no limitations and we make our success contagious.


Be a RE/MAX Philippines Franchisee now!

A member of our franchising team will be happy to discuss with you further details on how to start your success with RE/MAX. Call 511-1429 to 30 or email You can also visit our website at for more information.


RE/MAX was founded in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, both are real estate industry visionaries who still lead the Denver-based global franchisor today. RE/MAX is an acronym for Real Estate MAXimum, is recognized as one of the leading real estate franchise companies with the most productive sales force in the industry and a global reach of more than 97 countries. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. In January of 2013, RE/MAX opened its doors in the Philippines, touted to be one of Asia’s most progressive countries. To date, RE/MAX Philippines has 17 registered franchise offices that are individually owned and operated.

RE/MAX International provides its brokers and agents with corporate services, e.g. agent training and advertising. Brokers have full autonomy to run their business to their regional market demands. Franchise agreements do not enforce rules to operate the business and cannot dictate policy.

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