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8 affordable ways to sell your home fast

by Jillian CariolaPublished: July 26, 2017Updated: July 26, 2017

Before you break the bank to remodel your home for a quick sale, consider these cheap but effective ways of giving it an upgrade.

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During the beginning of 2017, remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFW) showed a year-on-year growth of 5.9 percent. And as analysts continue to project that the high demand for residential real estate market is driven by OFWs and the constant growth of the business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology (IT) sector, this means selling your property should be a breeze right? Not exactly.

See, with high demand usually comes a commensurate level of supply, so you will be competing with a lot of other properties when you put yours up for sale. But not to worry, even if you are trying to sell the your home ASAP, there are techniques you can do to get attention and hopefully make a deal with a buyer in no time. The best part is, you don’t even need to spend a ton of money on any major renovation to do it.

Hire a real estate broker

You are probably thinking, “Right off the bat, you’re talking about spending money. What gives?” Here’s the thing: if this is your first time selling a home, you are going to need all the help you can get, which a broker can provide. They have the market knowledge, the negotiation skills, and the talent for buyer scouting. Best of all, they can take care of the things you don’t have the time or money for. If potential buyers want to see your home on a weekday, you don’t have to take time off from work (and file precious vacation leaves) to do it; the agent will be there to take care of things. You also don’t need to spend gas or fare to go around filing documents; a broker can do that, too.

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Hire a real estate broker or agent to help you sell your home. Photo via Depositphotos

Fix up the exterior

As anyone who has ever applied for a job before would know, first impressions are important; you need to look presentable to gain the interest of a potential employer. In the case of real estate, the outside of your home is the first thing that a property seeker will see, and you want to make sure it’s not the last. Remember to trim the grass and hedges, put away any tools lying around, sweep away cobwebs, and clean up whatever mess furry little Fido has left in the yard. If the garage and walkway are looking a bit grimy, give them a good scrubbing. You can also spruce up the entrance with some potted plants or flowers.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines trimming shrubs cutting hedges
Improve the curb appeal of your home with tasks like trimming the hedges. Photo via Depositphotos

Clean the place thoroughly

Clutter can be an eyesore and is definitely the last thing you need to have around when you are selling your home; not only does it make your home look messy, it also makes it appear smaller. Put away small knick knacks, get rid of the growing pile of newspapers, and stow away shoes and flip-flops people keep leaving by the door. Then, sweep all the rooms (even under the furniture), wipe every surface, and scrub away hard water in the bathroom and kitchen sink.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines cleaning house washing mirror
Clean your home from top to bottom in preparation for a sale. Photo via Depositphotos

Don’t forget to take care of any smells that may be hanging around your home as well, like greasy cooking aromas, cigarette smoke, and the lingering essence of that scoundrel Fido. You can do this by airing out your home, washing all curtains, and deep cleaning the furniture and carpets.

Freshen it up

Sometimes, it’s the little things that create a big difference. A fresh coat of paint is one inexpensive change that should make a dramatic impact, but be mindful of the colors you choose. According to Zillow, certain hues can attract more attention, like light beige for the living room and powder blue for the bathroom.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines yellow paint roll wall
Apply fresh paint to improve the look of your home. Photo via Depositphotos

Also, they need to be able to see every aspect of your home, so brighten it up by hanging up sheer curtains and displaying mirrors, or exchanging dim light bulbs with LEDs. As for hardware, replacing broken hinges and tiles and fixing leaks are good first steps, but if you think you have some money put aside for a bit of renovation, funnel it towards the kitchen or bathroom.

Remove any personal items

It’s fine, even essential, to make your home look warm and inviting; this is partly the reason why staging is important. But you want to do it in such a way that buyers are able to project their own life onto your property. When the buyer comes in, you want them to be able to picture themselves living in your home, and the easiest way to do that is by getting rid of anything that might distract them. Hide framed photographs of your family, replace monogrammed towels and pillowcases, and put away the dog toys scattered all over your home (tsk, tsk, that Fido).

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines family photos black and white
De-personalize your home by putting away family photos. Photo via Depositphotos

Get a pro to take photos

Anyone can take photos using their phone, but are you doing the property justice by taking photos with bad lighting and at a weird angle? This is where a professional photographer is useful; they can see great angles from where they can take flattering photos to show off your home in the best light, literally and figuratively. If you really can’t spare a peso to hire one, there is a good chance you’re friends with someone who is either a photographer by profession or at least a photography enthusiast. If you cannot pay their professional fees, at least make them dinner for their trouble.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines house cellphone picture photo
Instead of using your cellphone, get a professional photographer to take photos. Photo via Depositphotos

Advertise online

Anything can be sold online, be they gadgets, clothes, or even Fido (just kidding!), so it would make sense that you go this route when selling your home, too. These days, there are multiple real estate websites where you can put your home up for sale, and you should take advantage of them. When creating a listing, describe your property in great detail, but be truthful about what they will actually find in there. Tell them a little about the neighborhood in general too, like how peaceful it is and which schools, malls, and hospitals are easily accessible. Post as many as those professionally taken photos as you are allowed to give viewers a better idea of what your home looks like. Be sure to also share the listing over Facebook and your other social media pages.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines online real estate laptop
List your property online to reach more potential buyers. Photo via Depositphotos

Price it properly

Your home may have been your first biggest purchase or the place where you raised your kids, but memories don’t really count for much in the way of monetary value. Letting your feelings cloud your judgment will lead to overpricing, which can drive buyers away before they even have a chance to see your nicely staged dwelling. Get a home appraisal to get a more accurate selling price, and do some research as well by checking out the prices of similar homes for sale within your neighborhood.

Affordable home selling tips MyProperty Philippines cellphone property value
Price your property accordingly to sell. Photo via Depositphotos


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