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9 Real estate must-haves for the working mom

by Jillian CariolaPublished: May 6, 2015Updated: May 6, 2015

See our list of real estate amenities and conveniences that are essential to supermoms who juggle work and home every day.


Busy moms need all the help they can get to run a tight ship at home while making waves at the office. If you’re looking to relocate to a new neighborhood, check out our list of crucial features your next dwelling should have so you can experience a (virtually) stress-free home life.

1. Security and safety
Protecting your children is your top priority as a mom, but since you can’t keep an eye on them every minute, it’s essential to look at the safety features a new property has to offer. Whether you’re a house hunter or a condo chaser, what you want is a home that offers 24-hour security, fire safety features, CCTV cameras, good lighting in surrounding areas, a lifeguard on duty if there’s a swimming pool, and other elements that’ll ensure your kids’ welfare isn’t compromised in any way.

2. Nearby schools
A property located near a good school means you can easily drop off your children on the way to work without having to travel out of your way and getting caught in traffic. You can also avail of school bus services that’ll bring your kids to and from school and not worry that they’re taking too long on busy roads. Also, how convenient would it be to make an emergency run (injury, forgotten project or baon, etc.) from home or the office if your tot’s school is just a few minutes away?

3. Short travel to work
While it's important for you to financially provide for your family, it's just as necessary for you to spend time with your kids, particularly during their formative years. But how can you do that if you spend much of your day battling the traffic jams of EDSA or the constant problems of the MRT? Find a home that's close enough to access the central business districts of cities like Makati, Pasig, and Taguig so you're almost guaranteed to make it home for family dinner.

4. Parks and playgrounds
No child’s growth and development is complete without a healthy amount of time playing outdoors, so nearby parks and playgrounds are a definite must. Condos these days offer such amenities so you won’t have to venture out of the complex just to let them have fun. But if you’re looking to buy a house, make sure the neighborhood has plenty of open spaces and playgrounds within the vicinity.

5. Swimming pools, gaming centers, sports complexes
Are you raising the next Jordan or Phelps? It doesn’t matter which Michael your kid wants to be; the important thing is they get to practice their skills in a convenient setting. For condo searchers, look for ones that are built with pools, sports courts, and other similar athletic centers. Same goes if you’re more of a house person: look into horizontal communities with clubhouses that offer these amenities.

6. Daycare centers
For kids that are too young for school or those whose nursery or prep classes let out early, you’re going to need help looking after them especially when they don’t have a yaya. Daycare centers are gaining popularity as a place that offers care and guidance to young kids while their parents are at work. In fact, some condominiums like Filinvest Land’s The Signature, Picar Development’s The Stratford Residences, and Robinsons’ One Gateway Place have on-site daycare centers so your little ones can be cared for in the confines of your condo complex.

7. Convenient establishments (Malls, laundry shops, 24-hour stores, etc.)
Cooking for your family may be one of the things you take pride in doing regularly, but do you really need the hassle of driving or taking public transportation just to buy a single bottle soy sauce for your adobo? And what if your kid needs a last-minute costume for the school play, or you make a spur-of-the-moment decision to treat your kids to the movies? And those dirty clothes aren’t going to clean themselves no matter how much you complain that you’re too tired to do them after a long day at the office. The beauty of living close to these places is you can go there whenever you want and as often as you want. And if your kids are old enough to run errands, you worry a little less considering the shops are just a down button or a couple of houses away.

8. Neighborhood restaurants
How great is it that a lot of neighborhoods these days have developed into foodie hotspots for all kinds of patrons? In Parañaque, you have BF Homes; In Quezon City, there’s Maginhawa Street; Taguig has BGC and Pasig has Kapitolyo. Every city has one, making your life as the cook of the family much easier if you ever come home late and run out of time to put dinner on the table.

9. Spas, salons, and other wellness establishments
Hey, you work hard and you need to spoil yourself sometimes too, so it couldn’t hurt to live close to businesses that offer services for your hygiene, wellness, and overall self-improvement. If you can find a house in a community that’s close to commercial and retail centers where these can be found, that’s great. But for condo dwellers who already have amenities like pools, gyms, and jogging trails within their reach, their buildings also usually have commercial areas on the ground floor where pamper establishments are waiting for you to come down.

Remember, as dedicated a mom as you are, you don’t have to do everything yourself. If you’re about to make the big move to a new area, these conveniences are waiting to assist so you can get the relaxation and peace of mind you deserve. Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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