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19 Christmas decoration safety tips

by Jillian CariolaPublished: December 5, 2013Updated: October 30, 2017

Keep your family and your home safe during the holidays by following these safety tips on decorating for Christmas.

Christmas decoration safety tips for children MyProperty Philippines Child holding Christmas ball

The minute the “ber” months arrive, many Filipino families start setting up the Christmas tree, suspending meters and meters of string lights, and hanging ornaments from every unadorned corner. In fact, people get so wrapped up in decking their homes for the holiday that they might overlook certain things that can endanger their families instead of bringing joy. Often enough we see news of families who suffer dangerous situations such as accidental fires during what is supposedly one of the happiest times of the year.

If you want the Yuletide season to be a safe and fun celebration for everyone, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind when decorating your home for the holidays.


Christmas lights

1. Purchase only Christmas lights marked with the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) sticker; this will be your assurance that the lights you purchased passed the mandatory safety tests of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Aside from the sticker, look for other indicators on the box that certify that the lights are safe. Make sure the label includes information such as the name of the manufacturer/supplier/distributor, address and trademark; country of origin; rated voltage and rated wattage of the set; the number of standard used—PNS 189:2000; and the batch/lot number or the bar codes. The box should also include instructions on how to use the lights safely. (DTI also encourages people to report establishments selling non-approved Christmas lights to the nearest DTI regional or provincial office.)

2. If you’re using Christmas lights from last year, inspect them closely for frayed or exposed wires and dispose of damaged sets. Replace any burned-out bulbs with ones that have the same wattage, and throw out any sets that are heavily damaged.

3. Avoid leaving Christmas lights on overnight or if everyone is leaving the house even if it’s just for a short time. Many cases of fires related to string lights have been connected to overheating from being left on for too long.

Christmas decoration safety tips for children MyProperty Philippines Dog with Christmas lights
Dog with Christmas lights. Photo via Depositphotos

4. If you plan on using Christmas lights outside the house, check to see if they are safe for outdoor use. Connectors should also be well protected from getting wet.

5. Secure outdoor Christmas lights with insulated tape around trees or run them through hooks along the walls to keep them from falling off or snapping in half.

6. If you are hanging several string lights to cover a long edge or surface, do not connect more than three sets. If using more than three sets, the subsequent lights must be connected to a separate socket. 

7. If you’re hanging lights on the roof or anywhere high, avoid doing the task alone. Ask someone to hold the ladder steady while you climb up and down.

8. Avoid overloading power strips, which can produce a lot of heat and start a fire.

9. Lights should not hang too low so your young kids won’t be tempted to pull them down or your pets will not gnaw on the cords.


Christmas tree

1. Check to see if the Christmas tree you buy is fireproof to keep from starting a fire in case something happens to the Christmas lights around it.

2. When setting up the tree, keep it away from doorways and other high-traffic areas of the house so no one accidentally walks into it and knocks it down.

3. Choose an area that is close to an electric socket. This way, the lights on the tree won’t have to be plugged into an extension cord, which can trip people if stretched across the room. If the use of an extension cord is unavoidable, run it along a wall, tape it down, or keep it hidden it under carpets.

4. If you will be putting your tree on a pedestal, make sure that both the tree and the pedestal are stable enough to not fall over easily if someone bumps into them.

5. If your kids are helping you trim the tree, keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t hurt themselves on anything sharp. Also, unplug the Christmas lights hanging around the tree until you and your kids are done hanging up the ornaments.

Christmas decoration safety tips for children MyProperty Philippines /Little girl decorating Christmas tree
Little girl decorating Christmas tree. Photo via Depositphotos



1. Check the label of ornaments and decorations to make sure that they’re non-combustible before hanging them up on the Christmas tree, garland, or anywhere you plan on hanging up lights as well.

2. If there are small children and/or dogs in your home, avoid using decorations and ornaments that are sharp, colored with lead-based paint, or are small enough to pose as choking hazards.

3. If you’re using candles, keep them away from anything that can catch fire and never leave them lit if you are leaving the room or retiring for the night. Also, set them in places where people or the wind won’t accidentally knock them down.

4. If you’re putting decorations on the roof, make sure that they are securely fastened so that they don’t fall down and hurt anyone or damage your property. Same goes for any indoor decoration that you suspend from the ceiling, high up against the wall, or on a high shelf.

5. Avoid displaying decorations that resemble food if there are children and pets in the house.

Christmas decoration safety tips for children MyProperty Philippines Baby eating Christmas decoration
Baby with Christmas decoration. Photo via Depositphotos

Christmas should be a fun celebration for family and friends, so you don’t want to derail the festivities with accidents that could have easily been avoided. When styling your home in time for December 25, remember to pay just as much attention to how safe it is as you do to how it looks.



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