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Different types of neighbors you might have if you live in a condo

by Jillian CariolaPublished: October 23, 2017Updated: October 30, 2017

Have you ever wondered what kind of neighbors you will end up living next to if you live in a condo?

Diverse crowd types of people that live in condos MyProperty Philippines

Certain forms of residences appeal to particular kinds of people, and condos are no different. While families can live in condos (and some do), most of them still choose to live in houses inside neighborhoods because they see traditional single-detached properties or even townhouses as ideal for child-rearing. On the other hand, young couples who have yet to start a family feel a stronger affinity toward condos because this type of dwelling fits their lifestyle better. But make no mistake: couples are not the only types of people who see condo living as the ideal set-up for their particular circumstances.

Condos these days are designed to include amenities that attract all kinds of residents, while residential buildings close to prime real estate locations might attract a specific crowd. If you’re wondering whether residing in a condo is right for you, here is an overview of the kind of people that might end up being your next-door neighbors should you choose to live in one.


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A lot of yuppies (young professionals) buy or rent condo units because they are relatively more affordable than houses but still provide them with enough space to live by themselves or even with roommates. Moreover, at this age, their career is their priority and getting to live close to work is one of the things that they consider when finding a place to live, hence the rise of condos in areas like Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas Center, Cebu City, and Davao City. Making their commute to and from the office short (or at least as short as possible considering current traffic conditions in highly urbanized areas) keeps stress levels low so they are constantly at the top of their game, allowing them to do well at work and concentrate on climbing the corporate ladder. Young people also tend to be attracted to the social scene, and living in a condo gives them easy access to places like bars and restaurants that can help them relax after long hours behind the desk.

Young couples

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As mentioned earlier, young couples tend to gravitate more toward condo living as a house may be too big for them (especially since they have no children yet) and also a bit more expensive if they have a modest home buying budget, making condo units the perfect starter home. In addition, they have the same mindset as yuppies in that they are still at the peak of their career life, so living in a condo in the city ensures them that getting to work and back will mean little to no spending for gas or fare. As mentioned, there are multiple condos located close to the metro’s thriving business districts so they can also access key landmarks easily, allowing them to spend more quality time together instead of on the road apart.

People who travel often

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Living in a condo unit offers frequent travelers the convenience of not having to deal with regular upkeep. Condo association fees are used partly to cover maintenance costs, so if a resident leaves for a while, they won’t have to worry that they’ll come home to overgrown lawns (which are only found at the exterior of the building) and other house-related maintenance issues. In addition, a condo resident that’s often away can rest assured that their home is safe; most condos are supplied with 24-hour building security and CCTV cameras to monitor the goings-on in and around the building. Also, if they are friendly enough with the neighbors in units close to them, they can rest assured that the neighbors will keep an eye on their place when they're not around.


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With the increase of international companies setting up offices in the country, more foreign nationals are coming over head them, as well as supervise local employees that are eventually hired. These expatriates need a place to live, whether long- or short-term, and renting a condo is the easiest option for them. The choice to lease a unit within a central business district is a choice based on many factors, but mainly convenience; it allows them to live close to the office to give them more time to focus on growing the business than sitting in traffic every morning. If they have yet to be familiar finding their way around the country, a condo in the Philippines’ business districts also lets them live close to malls, banks, restaurants, hospitals, and other essential points of interest that they can often visit simply by walking.

People in retirement

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People in their sixties might not immediately come to mind when you think condo, but considering the benefits of living in a residential building, it actually makes sense. Retirees often find that they no longer need a large house seeing as their children have already moved out to start families of their own, and this is what makes a condo unit especially perfect for them. Not only is it the right size, a condo unit requires little maintenance, which is a particular selling point for retirees who have certain health conditions that affect their mobility and strength. Then there are those who would prefer to spend the next years of their lives travelling, who might want to put up their condo for rent should they eventually choose to move to a quieter home in a rural setting like retirement-friendly Tagaytay. Also, a condo in an ideal location almost always guarantees being near clinics, specialty hospitals, drug stores, spas, country clubs, and many other places that might be essential to a retiree’s continuous health and wellness.


These are only the most common condo residents, but the truth is that anyone can live in a condo. Before renting or buying a condo by yourself or with your significant other, a friend, or your family, make sure that you’ve considered carefully whether you will enjoy its benefits in the long run.


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