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Dos and Don’ts During the Ghost Month

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: August 17, 2016Updated: August 17, 2016

Feng shui expert Hanz Cua enumerates the dos and don’ts to better protect ourselves, our home, families, careers and businesses, and relationships from the negative effects of the Ghost Month

Did you know that the seventh month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar is known as the ghost month? According to Chinese customs and beliefs, this may occur between the months of July and September. For the year of 2016, the ghost month starts on August 3 and ends on August 31. It peaks on the 15th day from when the month started; thus, this year’s peak day may fall on August 17 or 18.

But what exactly happens during ghost month? Is it as ominous as it sounds? And why should business owners be wary of it? sat down with feng shui expert and psychic Master Hanz Cua to know more about this peculiar month. He shared information and necessary precautionary measures against the negative effects the ghost month might bring.


What is a ghost month?

A ghost month, according to Cua, is when the gates of hell are opened by the hell officer who lets out hungry ghosts who wish to find entertainment and food and to wreak havoc on the living as they look for victims.

These hungry ghosts are unsettled spirits who have unfinished business on earth, and were engulfed by hatred, pain, and misfortune while they were still living. They are also the forgotten dead who no longer receive prayers and visits from families and relatives, those who have yet to enter heaven, and those who were victims of sudden death through horrendous crimes, such as rape and murder.

Because of their current state, they take revenge by making unfortunate things happen. During the ghost month, there are a lot of unexpected deaths from disasters, accidents, and crimes caused by these hungry ghosts.

Thankfully, we can prevent all these from happening. Cua says in general, it is best to avoid doing something that’s life changing and adventurous during the ghost month, as the hungry ghosts bring bad luck that tend to lead to unfortunate events. Here are a few of his specific reminders for homeowners, entrepreneurs, and even those who are looking to improve their personal relationships.




  • Don’t repair your house because the roaming hungry ghosts are said to mess up everything that has been fixed and repaired
  • Don’t move into a new home
  • No groundbreaking of any real estate property
  • Don’t enter into new relationships
  • Avoid breaking up with your significant other, as it might lead to suicide attempts
  • No weddings as it could possibly lead to separation
  • Avoid doing adventurous activities, such as cliff- and skydiving and even swimming
  • Avoid going to forests as they are known to be the lurking place of hungry ghosts
  • Avoid going to hotels because there is very minimal activity happening in such places aside from sleeping; hence, these places are believed to be teeming with yin or dark energy
  • Don’t drive late at night to avoid accidents and sightings
  • Don’t enter into and start a new business as there’s a big chance that it might fail
  • Avoid implementation of business plans
  • Don’t close deals and agreements by signing any type of contract
  • Avoid filing cases against enemies as there is a big chance of losing
  • Avoid engaging in arguments


  • Always make your house bright and full of light so as not to attract the hungry ghosts
  • Fill your house with noise and music. A good option to listen to is mantra or prayers that can be streamed online
  • Place a small figurine of General Kwan Kong, a god that will protect your home from the hungry ghosts trying to enter it
  • Go to church to pray for the hungry ghosts and the forgotten dead
  • Wearing something red will help you avoid the hungry ghosts
  • Wear a Chong Kwei amulet to repel the hungry ghosts
  • Wear black onyx stones or crystals, which will shield you from any negativity brought about by the hungry ghosts
  • During the ghost month, keep the hungry ghosts happy. You may offer them pork, rice, chicken, sweets, biscuits, alcohol, and even cigarettes. Lighting incense and candles while saying prayers to remove them from a negative state can also help


As the ghost month ends and a new, hopefully auspicious, month comes in, the hungry ghosts go back to the gates of hell to be locked in once again by the hell’s officer. It is important to note that it is not only during this month that we should remember our dearly departed but in all other months, too. Prayers offered to them in other months are as important as those offered during the ghost month.



Hanz Cua is a feng shui expert (home, office, new business) and psychic. He also does tarot reading, palm reading, and face reading. He may be consulted for the best dates of moving into a new home and getting married, and can also perform groundbreaking rituals. He also conducts feng shui talks and seminars. For consultations or more information, call (+63) 922-829-0382 or visit

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