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Fifteen home feng shui tips for 2015

by Jillian CariolaPublished: February 11, 2015Updated: February 17, 2015

Feng shui master Hans Cua offers tips on how to bring fortune into your home and ward off bad luck.


Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical practice that teaches followers how to connect with the various elements of the environment and enhance positive energy. As a nation largely influenced by Chinese culture, it’s no wonder a lot of Filipinos practice feng shui with the hope of turning their bad luck around, especially during the Chinese New Year (this year, the event will fall on February 19).

In a recently held event for Filinvest Premiere’s The Signature, feng shui master Hans Cua discussed what lies ahead for everyone during the year of the Wood Sheep. Generally, Cua says the good balance of the five elements (water, metal, fire, wood, and earth) means 2015 will be a year of prosperity and opportunity for all. But if you want to make sure this holds true for you and your family, here are Cua’s 15 tips on how to enhance the most auspicious parts of your home, as well as how to dampen the effect of misfortune in the less than lucky areas.

(To determine the different sectors of your home, use a compass –keeping it away from magnets or anything magnetic – and stand in the center of your home facing the front of your home. The needle of the compass always points north so from this reference, you can draw an imaginary grid all over your home to figure out the nine sectors. This principle applies whether you live in a bungalow or a multi-story home, and should also be done for each room in the home.)

Based on home sectors:

1. The southeast part of the home carries the Illness Star, so everyone, especially sick people or pregnant women, should avoid sleeping or staying in this area of the bedroom. You can subdue the effect of the Illness Star by putting a container of rock salt (no lid) or any brass or metal element in this sector.
2. The south sector of the home has the Violent Star, which brings theft, robbery, accident, and cheating. This means anyone staying in this area will constantly be fighting. A glass of water placed in the south sector should moderate the effect of the Violent Star. If the main door is at this sector, it would be best to install a CCTV camera in the area.
3. The southwest area is lucky because it contains the Long-Term Prosperity Star. Make sure to stay or sleep in this part of the house. If the main door is at this part of the house, it should have bright lighting to enhance wealth, fame or recognition, new prospects and happiness. Placing red items or nine pieces of crystals or stones will also activate the Long-Term Prosperity Star.
4. The east sector is considered very lucky because it carries the Victory Star, which promotes success and career luck. If you have a child who wants to work abroad, have them sleep in this area of their bedroom. A wood element like a fortune plant can activate the east sector.
5. The center sector has the Hostility Star, causing anger and arguments among the members of the family. To calm down the negative energy, put a rose quartz or amethyst in this sector.
6. The west is the unluckiest of all sectors as it carries the three major misfortune stars: the Five Yellow Misfortune Star, the Disaster Star and the Three Killing Star. Avoid working in or renovating this part of your home, and don’t put busy and noisy electronics and gadgets like computers, printers, phones, TV or radio in the area. As a cure, take ordinary stones, put them in a can, cover it, and place it in the west part of the home. Metal or brass elements can work in curing this area too.
7. The northeast sector is considered very lucky this year as it’s where the so-called ‘heaven’s door’ can be found. If you’re praying for something, do it in this area as there is a greater chance it'll be answered. This means putting your religious images and symbols in this part of the home as well.
8. The north is said to be the most fortunate sector because it’s where you’ll find the Money Star. If the main door is located at this area, using it frequently will activate prosperity and financial success. Water elements as well as noise-producing gadgets like TVs and mobile phones placed in this sector will activate the Money Star.
9. You’ll find the Love and Scholastic Stars in the northwest part of the home. Single people looking for love and couples hoping to strengthen their relationship should sleep in this part of their bedroom. Anyone studying for exams should also study and sleep in the northwest part of their bedroom. To activate these fortunes, put a rose quartz (for love) or an abacus (for studying) in this area of the home.

General tips:

10. Green is the lucky color of the year. Aside from wearing green, homeowners should also adjust their home décor to incorporate the color (paint walls green, use green decoration, etc.) for wealth and prosperity.
11. Pieces of furniture that are considered lucky are the ones that are rounded. Chairs, for instance, should have horseshoe-shaped backing instead of straight, rectangular ones.
12. Elements should complement and not contradict each other. For example, the stove should not be directly facing the sink, as these represent two opposing elements (fire and water).
13. Mirrors also play a role in decorating while following feng shui. A mirror in the dining room is considered lucky because it reflects the food on the table, which represents doubling wealth.
14. In the bedroom, there should be a solid wall behind the bed (where the headboard is) for good luck because it offers support and protection.
15. It’s considered bad luck to hang onto or keep using broken items. When eating, for example, plates and cups should not be chipped or cracked.

According to Cua, these tips apply to any type of dwelling, which means condo owners can also bring good luck to their homes by following these guidelines. For the possibility of better luck, Cua advises following cures and enhancements for every room in the home, including the bathroom. He also suggests following these tips in the office for those who would like to bring prosperity to their businesses.

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