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Five attention-grabbing tricks for your property listing

by Jillian CariolaPublished: June 9, 2015Updated: June 15, 2015

If all you’ve done is post your home online, you’re not doing enough. Here’s five ways to enhance your listing and get those buyers.


Online experts have been repeating it like a prayer for the longest time: advertising online is your best bet in selling your property. But while the internet has made it easier to put your listing out there, getting people to actually view it is not as simple as you think. Here are five surefire ways you can get create an attention-grabbing listing.

Make your headline shout
Being creative with the title of your listing is a must, so “Big house for sale in Muntinlupa” won’t cut it. Instead, why not go with “450sqm villa with pool in Ayala Alabang”. Just make sure the details you’re giving out are actually true; fluffing your listing will get you attention, but you don’t want to get caught in your own lie.

The devil is in the detail
Putting in the crucial details about the property is one thing that you shouldn’t forget. Sure, the fact that your community has a pool and a clubhouse are great, but what about the number of bedrooms and the size of the garage? Is there a garden? What about an attic? Be specific and precise when providing your description, and don’t embellish.

Paint a pretty picture
A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, and the same applies to real estate. When a buyer looks at a property, his first impressions are formed based largely on the photos you put into your listing, so use a high-quality camera and shoot when the lighting is best inside and out. When in doubt, hire a professional photographer.

Who doesn’t love a promo?
Seriously, who doesn’t? If the property you’re selling comes with a special discount or any freebies, be sure to mention it. Any buyer wants to know they’re getting the better part of the deal, be it a “no reservation fee” offer or a free air conditioning unit for every bedroom.  And for a touch of urgency, be sure to mention if the offer is “for a limited time only”.

Tweet it, share it, ‘gram it
Facebook and Twitter aren’t just for sharing selfies. Because these platforms are the easiest way you can connect with your friends and family, using them will help you get the word out about your property. Either post your property’s information directly onto it or post a link that leads to its listing page in the real estate classifieds site you’re using.


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