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Have you paid your real property tax lately?

by OMI Land Title ServicesPublished: January 24, 2014Updated: December 2, 2014

Paying your real estate taxes on time is crucial, and real estate services provider OMI Land Title Services will tell you why.

If you own a property, my guess is you are already aware that you have to pay your real property tax every year.  After all, the privilege of owning a property comes with responsibilities.

So, what is a real property tax or RPT?  It is a tax that the local government collects for the property or properties that you own, and is usually paid at the City or Municipal Treasurer’s office.  The RPT within Metro Manila should be at a minimum of .5% but not exceeding 2% of the property’s assessed value, while the minimum in provinces is .25% and should not exceed 1%. 

A discount of 10%-20% is usually given to those who pay their taxes in advance (usually during December and January, depending on the local government unit).

Please remember that if you fail to pay your real property taxes after several deadlines and notices, you might end up losing your property in the long run. Delays in payments may cause your property to be included in the local government’s list of delinquent real properties that will be auctioned to interested buyers!  

If you are one of those people who are too busy to take a leave of absence from work to pay your real property taxes, you will be delighted to know that there is a company that offers RPT Assessment and Payment.  OMI Land Title Services, a one-stop-shop of real estate services, will take care of the assessment and/or payment of your real property tax.  All you need to do is email or fax us the Tax Declaration and previous O.R. of the property concerned and deposit the RPT payment to our official company bank account, and we’ll take care of the rest!  It’s that simple and convenient.  No hassle, no worries.   We could even remind you every year to pay your taxes! 

Take advantage of the RPT discount this January!  Call OMI Land Title Services at 8841106 for your requirements.

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