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Home safety must-haves when going on vacation

by Jillian CariolaPublished: March 21, 2017Updated: March 21, 2017

It is easier to kick back and enjoy your vacation when you know that everything back home is safe and sound.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines burglar unlocking door

Holy Week is less than a month away, which means families will take advantage of the long break by taking a vacation, especially if their job affords them only few opportunities for getaways. Whether they choose a close getaway or a trip to another country, they are surely leaving their home unguarded. Thoughts of whether or not your home is locked and protected can interrupt your rest and relaxation, and may ruin your holiday.

To lessen your worries, keep these tips in mind before whisking your loved ones away to your chosen destination.


Safety alarms
A burglar alarm can easily startle a would-be intruder and force them to retreat. Also, since your neighbors will not be outside their home 24/7 to guard your property, an alarm can alert them, as well as other people nearby, that someone is trying to break into your home. Be sure to also install a smoke alarm to let the people next door know that there is a fire in your home. If you are leaving your vehicle at home, make sure its alarm system is working properly.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines fire smoke burglar alarms
Home alarms for safety. Photo via Shutterstock

Some safety alarms are affordable enough, but if you can spend a bit more, consider getting motion-activated flood lights and CCTV cameras. These would be money well spent since they can help protect your home and your family for a long time, not just during your holiday away from home.


An online home monitoring system
Your neighbors may be able to see your home from the outside, but they cannot see if anything is happening  inside. A good way for you to have a front-row seat to a view of your home’s interior is by having an online home monitoring system. There are service providers that will install cameras and even motion and sound detectors in your home and stream the video for you online so you can see what is going on in your home simply by connecting to the internet.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines online home monitoring system cellphone
Online home monitoring system. Photo via Shutterstock


Security check
Intruders will do anything they can to get into your home, so you should not make things easy for them. Do not just buy and install deadbolts, and make sure you have locked every door and window. It is just as important to ensure that your door knobs, window locks, and hinges are in good condition and will not be broken by a slight bit of force. Any of these that you find to be loose or rusty must be repaired or replaced right away.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines broken doorknob
Broken doorknob. Photo via Shutterstock

Also, think about possible entry points in your home that you might forget to lock up such as the small window in the attic or the shower. Remember to put a lock on the garage door too.


A trusted neighbor
It pays to be friendly to the family who lives next door. Befriending your neighbors will automatically help you have people who can look after your home from time to time while you are away. They can also pick up your mail before it piles up so as not to tip off potential intruders about your absence. If they are very nice (and if you are bold enough), maybe you can even ask them to tend to your garden, as an unkempt yard is a sure sign that no one is home. Make sure you exchange numbers with them so they can let you know if an emergency crops up or if you simply want to check in on your property. Just be nice enough to buy them some kind of pasalubong for granting you this favor.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines neighbor peeking next door
Neighbor peeking next door. Photo via Shutterstock


Pet care
If you are not taking your pets on vacation with you, do not leave them alone at home. Pets tend to act out when they are left alone, causing property damage or an injury to themselves. Dog owners also cannot leave their pets tied outside, as this puts them at risk of getting exposed to the elements in the event of extreme heat or sudden rain. Unattended pets may also send a signal to possible intruders that the home is unattended.

Home safety anti-burglary tips for vacation MyProperty Philippines home damage dog
Home damage caused by dog. Photo via Shutterstock

Let a relative or friend attend to your pets while your away, or put them in a pet boarding facility. If these options are not possible, give a copy of your keys to someone you can trust to be alone in your home. They should be available daily to feed your pet, clean up their mess and spend some time with them.


As excited as you are about your upcoming trip, avoid revealing to anyone where you are going and how long you will be away. Also, be mindful of what you share through social media. It may seem like a harmless “wish you were here” image post on Facebook or Instagram, but to those with malicious intent will see this as an opportunity to enter your home. Hold off on the posts until you return home. At the very least, mark your posts as “Private” so only your closest and most trusted friends will see them.

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Beach selfie. Photo via Shutterstock


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