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Home security tips when going on vacation

by Jillian CariolaPublished: October 29, 2013Updated: June 4, 2014

Three days of vacation also means three days of leaving your home unguarded. Keep it safe and secure with this guide.

Going out of town even for a few days is a great way to get some R & R from work or school. Unfortunately, this also entails leaving your home empty and (possibly) open to burglars if you’re not careful. Keep your property as secure as possible with these safety tips.

1. Lock your valuables in a safe. If possible, invest in an in-wall safe; it’s highly improbable that burglars will spend time guessing your safe’s combination, much less try to pry the thing out of your wall to take with them.

2. Be nice and offer your parking space to friends. Aside from helping them out, it’s also a sneaky way of letting others think that your home’s not completely empty.

3. Here’s another way to outwit potential robbers: invest in time switches. Put your lights and television on timers that switch them on at certain times of the day to scare off anyone trying to break in.

4. You finally have a reason to befriend that neighbor who always seems to know everyone’s business: let them know that you are going away, so that they can keep an eye on your property and see if something fishy is going on.

5. If you have people who come over regularly to mow your lawn or do other maintenance jobs, be sure to tell them not to come over on the days when you’re away. Also, make sure that your spy neighbor knows that you’ve postponed these services; she’ll know that something’s up if these service guys come over on those days.

6. If you are really up for upgrading your home security, you can install security cameras and motion sensors all over your house. Want a less costly investment? Equip the doors with deadbolts.

7. Writing your name and address on the outside of your suitcase is like advertising your home, and not for real estate selling purposes. To avoid becoming an easy target, either write your name and address on paper and put it inside, or hold on to your luggage for dear life during your trip.

8. A pile of mail, brochures and newspapers on one’s doorstep is as good an invitation to a burglar as any. If you’re leaving for over a day, ask a trusted neighbor to collect any newspapers and mail that reach your door or mailbox.

9. When you post messages like “Three days left before Hong Kong!” or “Sun bathing in Boracay!” on Facebook or Twitter, burglars read them as “No one’s at home. Help yourselves!” Wait until you get back from your vacation to share details of your trip to your friends.

10. Thieves love going window shopping in homes where the curtains are pulled back and no one’s in the room. To avoid tempting them, be sure to check that all your curtains are closed before locking up and heading out.

Nothing dampens your spirits worse than having to worry about your home’s safety while everyone around you is having a blast. Use these home security tips to make sure that your home is protected so your only focus is to relax and enjoy yourself.

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