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House-hunting for newlyweds: the pros of each property type

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: May 12, 2016Updated: May 20, 2016

Look no further to see which type of dwelling should be your new “home sweet home.”


Congratulations! You are now ready to go house-hunting with your significant other. Being one of the biggest decisions (and purchases) you will make as a couple, it is vital that you and your spouse know what you need and want. It also helps if you have already taken a long, hard look on your finances and the specific location you both like to settle in.

If the you still cannot decide on what your new home should be, better take a look at the advantages each type of dwelling can offer.



  • Safe and secure. Almost all condos, especially the high-rise ones, offer the latest security features available today. Aside from guards manning the lobby, the common areas, and the gate, there are CCTVs installed at strategic locations. There are even condos that offer keyless entry and CCTV-monitored units that can be accessed only by the owners.
  • Amenities are included. Owning a condo unit lets newlyweds already enjoy leisure amenities offered by condo developments, such as a gym or fitness center, swimming pool, playground, and event area. Some condos even offer media rooms, game rooms, sports courts, and mini-theaters. These amenities offer newlyweds more activities they can do together.
  • Hassle-free. Because condo developments already have in-house property management, there will no need for newlyweds to worry about finding somebody to repair their air-conditioning unit, for example, or to clean the hallways. Maintenance of the condo’s common areas will be taken care of by the property management, and the payment for which is covered by the association dues every unit owner pays every month.
  • Controlled environment. Residents of a condo usually follow rules and restrictions for the greater good of the community. For example, they can expect peace and quiet as loud noise is not allowed, especially at night, to avoid disturbing other residents.
  • Limited space. This is a good option for newlyweds because having a small space means less time devoted to cleaning, which in turn means more time to enjoy their new life together. Furthermore, a small space will not incur high electric and water bills, allowing them to allocate more of their income to savings.
  • Located in a prime area. Condos are located in areas where everything a family would need is within reach (schools, hospitals, markets, shopping malls, offices, and transportation hubs).



  • More indoor space. Just like a condo, most townhouse developments are built within a community. This time, however, homebuyers are afforded bigger floor space; some townhouse developments even offer multi-level units.
  • Safe and secure. Many townhouse developments also offer topnotch security similar to what condo estates offer. These developments are also normally gated, with security personnel keeping an eye on the place 24/7.
  • Fun with amenities. Many townhouses nowadays offer amenities that condos do. They include swimming pools, jogging path, gardens, and even a pavilion or clubhouse for events and parties.
  • Sense of community. As townhouses are popular among starting families, newlyweds are assured that they will have a greater sense of community living in one. As time goes, new couples will get to know their neighbors, form bonds with them, and these neighbors will also be the first to respond in times of emergency.
  • Cheaper than a standalone house. Townhouses are relatively cheaper than buying or constructing a standalone actual house. The money put into your townhouse gets you not only a cozy dwelling place but also exciting amenities.



  • Affordable. If newlyweds are looking to having their own space but with a tight budget, they can opt to rent an apartment. Apartments in the Philippines are relatively cheaper than standalone houses, and there are many of them especially in suburban gated communities or subdivisions.
  • Easy to rent. Aside from being budget-friendly, there are many apartments for rent in virtually every city in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. The couple need just to choose the best location for them, settle the payment, and move in.
  • Easy to leave. As easy as it is to move in, it’s also easy to move out. Should your job force you to relocate, or once you’ve saved up enough to buy a home, you can pack up your things and leave without a heavy heart. That is, after notifying your landlord about your decision to move.
  • No association dues. An apartment rarely or never asks for association dues. The only payments you would ever need to make are the agreed rental fee and the bills, if they aren’t already included in your rental fee.
  • Close to neighbors. Living in an apartment may not give the best of the best when it comes to security gadgets and whatnot, but knowing somebody lives close by is a big deal. Having another family living close to your home means there is somebody to call in times of emergency.



  • Greater privacy. Living in a standalone, single-family house affords newlyweds a greater sense of freedom and more privacy. Overnight karaoke sessions won’t be a problem, and so are noisy repairs should you decide to remodel your kitchen.
  • Canvas for family life. Newlyweds can have an idea on how they can raise their children inside their new house. With the rooms and layout in place, they can imagine how their family will grow. They can plan and make adjustments, however they see fit, so that the house can be the best possible home for their family.
  • Design-flexible. A house offers plenty of space that can be remodeled over and over. Free from restrictions, newlyweds can design their new home in any way they want without waiting for someone else’s approval. They can build, repurpose, and even demolish areas to fit their needs.
  • Appreciation. Owning a house is one way to build wealth. If newlyweds have chosen their location very wisely, they can will see their house appreciate in value over the years, which will potentially give them ample retirement funds should they decide to downsize.


There is really no way to know which type of home is the perfect one. But knowing your preferences as a couple can help you decide which home is best for you; may it be rented or bought. Of course, the decision will also depend on your budget, current situation, and long-term goals, but whichever type you choose, it can be the happiest home as long as it is filled with love and understanding.

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