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Lessons from leveling up

by Maan D’Asis PamaranPublished: May 27, 2014Updated: May 27, 2014

Things to remember when you’re making the move

We had recently moved up from the first floor of our house to the second level. My in-laws had decided that they didn’t want to bother with climbing stairs when they receive visitors, so we evacuated the lower living area and moved up.

The house is still undergoing renovation, the workmen are still constructing a separate kitchen/dining area for my side of the family. It’s not exactly the same as changing address, but it has prompted me to write down some of the “life lessons” that I have learned from leaving the old quarters behind and starting afresh.

Check the basics. When walking around your new home, it is very important to spot things such as electrical sockets and permanent provisions for lighting fixtures. This will help you envision where you will place things such as your TV, washer, and refrigerator. This goes for telephone and internet cables as well. Extension cords can come in handy, of course, but really, who wants to end up with snake-like wiring on the living room floor? Oh, did I mention water supply? That, I have learned, is really important.

Trust no one. When you are moving houses, the number of people involved in the process is directly proportional to the things that could get “lost”. Your things get scattered all over, and that could present a temptation to the guy installing your internet connection, the one painting your walls in the perfect shade of apple green, or the beefy moving guy on his pickup. I should know – I “lost” a pair of new sneakers, along with a few oversized shirts. Best to keep anything of value in boxes that are labeled and sealed. When there are still people doing renovation/installation work about, just bring out the basics. It goes without saying that you should keep your gadgets with you at all times, too.

Discard and de-load. Once you start boxing your things, you can ask yourself if you really need to bring everything. The pack rat in you might vehemently object to leaving behind items such as a moth-eaten padded blazer from the 80s, or those retainers you wore back in high school. Leave them behind.

Make friends with your foreman. No matter how perfect your house seems to be prior to the move-in, there will always be some minor adjustments to be made. Building a good relationship with your foreman and his worker dudes will allow you to throw in a few extra jobs, such as hanging your family portraits (or that huge Last Supper painting), figuring out why your kitchen drain gurgles happily every time you flush your toilet, or making a cute little doghouse from the leftover scraps of scaffolding wood.

Stay healthy. You may ask, “where did that idea come from?” Think about it, you’ll be unpacking boxes, organizing cabinets, and lugging things all over the place. You’ll probably be doing these things at the end of a long workday too. Making sure you eat healthy, take those supplements, and stretch those sore muscles from time to time will help you cope better with the stress of all those move-affiliated activities. Moving also exposes you to dust, and probably other allergens such as mold and mildew. So, yes, being healthy is a pretty good idea.

Keep your cool. This tip may be last but is definitely not the least. Moving represents a major change, and like any other adventure, there are small things that can go wrong. Just remember to face all of these with a dash of humor and a positive outlook, by the time you settle in to the place that you can truly call home.

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