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List your property easily on!

by MyProperty.phPublished: June 25, 2013Updated: June 2, 2014

Find out how easy it is to list your property for sale on

Listing your property on our website has never been easier! Just follow these step-by-step instructions and you’re on your way to selling your property online.

1. Register for a free account. Log in if you already have a account.

2. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Create an Ad” icon. You’ll find a page that briefly explains each step of the ad. Click on “Proceed”.

3. In the “Listing Information” tab, enter the data that describes your home, such as description, price, and location. When you’re done, tick off the box in the “ Terms of Use” portion at the bottom of the page and click “Next”.

4. In the “Plot Map Location” tab, zoom in to the area where your property is located and click on it to mark it with a pin. If you want to change the pin, just click “Remove Pin” and try again. When you’ve got the right location, click “Confirm” to generate the map, and then hit “Next”.

5. In the “Image Uploader” tab, click on “Choose file” to upload photos directly from your computer. The first image is always your main image, but you can rearrange your photos by clicking and dragging them. If you want to delete a photo, just click on the ‘x’ at the lower left corner of the photo you want to delete. When you’re done uploading and arranging your photos, click on “Next”.

6. In the “Contact Information” tab, fill in the necessary information such as contact person, location and phone numbers.

7. In the “Preview” tab, you can see how your listing will appear so you can go back to any of the previous pages to make changes before you publish it. When you’re satisfied, click “Next”.

8. In the “Publish” tab, you can choose to make your listing public by ticking off “Publish”, or you can save it for publishing later by choosing “Publish Later”. When you’ve made a choice, click “Next”.

At this point, your listing has now been published, but you can choose to upgrade your listing so more people will see it!

1. Review the different upgrade options available and choose one.
2. Hit “Go to list” and click on the icon next to the price of your chosen upgrade option. When the prompt appears, click “Continue” to confirm your choice.
3. Click on the shopping cart at the upper right side to see your choice. Click on the box next to it and hit “Purchase”.
4. At the “Payment” tab, you can choose to pay for your listing upgrade online or through cash or check deposit. Your listing will be upgraded once your payment has been verified.

Helpful tips:
• Not all fields are required to be filled, but the more information you put in about your property, the more chances it will attract potential buyers.
• People are more attracted to great photos, so it would help to invest time (and a bit of money) in taking the best photos of your property. Also, take advantage of the slots available for photos: upload multiple exterior and interior shots to really showcase the property.
• The “Contact Information” page also has options for email subscriptions (for buyers) and membership account request (for sellers). These updates are optional, but if you want to enhance your user experience, you can tick off the box that applies to you.

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