Five low-cost items for a lavish-looking home
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Five low-cost items for a lavish-looking home

by Jillian CariolaPublished: September 4, 2015Updated: September 14, 2015

Think you need a six-figure salary to make your home look and feel luxurious? Think again.

If you often find yourself wishing you had the budget to replicate the glamour and style of your favorite celeb’s home, you’re not thinking outside the box enough. Check out our tips on bringing elegance to your humble abode without pulling a bank job.

Upgraded lighting. If you left your home design exactly the way it was when it was first built, chances are it’s still carrying the same standard lighting, which more often than not is boring and lacks character. It’s time to ditch it in favor of a more elevated style, but before heading for expensive home appliance stores, go online and search for reasonably priced but tasteful secondhand fixtures. If you have lamps, changing the shade can also bring a more refined look to your room.


Pillows. What's the next best thing to having an expensive-looking bed or couch? Stylish pillows. These fluffy accents work not just to keep you or your guests comfortable, they also increase the “wow” factor of any room. Small pillows bunched together can look cluttered and outdated. Instead, go for big, overstuffed ones for that extra luxurious appearance and feel. Department stores carry a great selection that’ll fit any budget, but if you’d rather work with what you already have to save money, just get large pillow cases and stuff them with the filling from your small pillows.


Doorknobs, cabinet pulls, etc. Who says you need to replace entire cabinets and doors with new ones to make a room look ritzy? If these are still in very good condition, upgrading them is as easy as finding new door handles and knobs, or even adding a stylish knocker to your front door. Visit hardware stores, garage sales, thrift stores and online secondhand shops to find parts that are both unique and timeless.


Large conversation pieces. Ever notice how in movies, mansions are often decorated with enormous jars or statuettes? That’s because the statement “go big or go home” is especially true in luxury home design, though you don’t need to go as far as buying a life-size replica of David. You’ll do just fine with tall vases, which you can score at gold mines like Dapitan Arcade and Divisoria. For a different approach, hit Recto or the mall’s book sales and purchase large, hardbound coffee-table books on the cheap. Aim for ones that are in almost perfect condition, and choose topics such as traveling to Europe or even home design.


Matching containers. Containers that come in sets do wonders in keeping a room look classy and neatly pulled together. At a mall department store, get a toiletry set that includes a lotion bottle, soap dish, toothbrush holder and even a cotton ball container and use them together in the bathroom. You can go for plastic containers, but if you’re willing to splurge just a tad more, glass or ceramic ones will really bring things to a new level. You can do the same in the kitchen: get coordinating jars and use them for your coffee, cream, and sugar, or buy a lot of look-alike bottles for your spices and line them up in the cabinet or on the counter.


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