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Q&A: Should I sell my property with the help of a real estate broker?

by MyProperty.phPublished: November 2, 2016Updated: November 3, 2016

What’s the benefit of selling your property with the help of a licensed broker?

Why sell real estate property with the help of a broker MyProperty Philippines

Q: Should I sell my property with the help of a real estate broker?

A: The local real estate market these days is thriving, and people who are in the market to buy a property are not just looking at brand-new properties but also pre-owned (or resale) homes. If you’re planning to sell your home, you might be wondering if it would be better to do so alone. After all, that would mean saving money that would have gone to the commission of a real estate broker. But what exactly do you get if you decide to hire a broker to help you sell?

They will go all out in marketing your home
To get the word out on your property on your own, you’d probably consider just informing your family and friends, announcing it on Facebook, and listing it on an online real estate website. A real estate broker can take it to the next level: they most likely work with a large network of brokers who, in turn, are working for people who are looking for a property to buy, which opens up a whole new market for you.

They can take over when you’re busy
Assuming you have a full-time job, you can’t be focused on trying to sell your home 24/7. On the other hand, a broker’s task is just that: to be available to show your home, answer questions from prospects, and meet face-to-face with potential buyers. If you’re too busy to handle queries, buyers might be inclined to look for another home for sale.

They’re good at negotiating
If you’re too close to the home, you’re bound to make a few mistakes while selling. A broker will keep you from overpricing your home for sentimental reasons, explain why you should compromise when a certain offer is made, or keep you from agreeing to a lowball offer right away just because you’re in a hurry. Also, in the event that you get offended by a ridiculously low offer, there is less risk you’ll hurt the buyer’s feelings and lose them in the process if you have a broker who will choose their words carefully when relaying your objection of the offer.

They will do their best if they want more business from you
Real estate brokers like being recommended by previous and current clients. This means they’ll do what they can to give you good service so you’re more likely to refer new clients to them after your business is done. And who knows? You might even choose their service again should you decide to sell your home again.


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