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Q&A: How much money will a 100-sqm house cost to build?

by MyProperty.phPublished: October 26, 2016Updated: October 26, 2016

Think a 100-square-meter home is enough for you and your family? Get an idea of how much you will need depending on the kind of structure you want.

How much money do I need to build a 100-square-meter home MyProperty Philippines

Q: How much money will a 100-sqm house cost to build?

A: Who wouldn’t want a home that is built according to their specific wants and needs? The best way to achieve this would be to construct your home from the ground up, but do you know how much it would cost to build a 100-square-meter home these days?

Basic bungalow
For a single-storey home, a budget of about Php100,000 can get you a living room, dining room, a small kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Materials would include a shell and hallowblocks, as well as a roof made of coco lumber, which may be of lower quality than wood lumber but also costs less.

Suitable second story
If you want a two-story dwelling, you will need to increase your budget to about Php150,000. Generally, the home will be composed of one block plus a roof, and without fixtures or finishes. The second level will be composed of materials like concrete, wood lumber, plywood or lawanit. While these supplies may not be top-quality, one can adjust through additions such as water-resistant paint that will protect wood from rain damage.

What if I spend Php250,000 to Php300,000?
If you can hike up your budget to Php250,000, you can have a 100-square-meter property that is basically whole in terms of structure. Preparations for hooking up electricity are also set in place, but the budget does not cover electricity itself. As for a Php300,000 budget for a 100-square-meter home, you get a basic house (living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom; paint included) with electricity and plumbing.

Let’s go way higher on your finances: want to know what a budget of around Php2.8 million can buy you? Within three months, you can have a 400-square-meter bungalow with a living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace, and a garden.

Keep in mind that a lot of other factors can affect what your budget can buy. For instance, the cost of materials is basically the same everywhere, but labor costs vary. In addition, labor typically eats up 35% of your building budget.

Note: Although careful research has been done for this article, consumers are advised to always consult with professionals.


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