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Real estate presentation tips from Miriam Quiambao-Roberto

by Braulio Giron Jr.Published: June 28, 2016Updated: July 21, 2016

Selling real estate is a complex process, so making a presentation sometimes becomes an afterthought. With tips from a former beauty queen turned real estate broker, the process can be made better

Miriam Quiambao Real Estate Broker Presentation Tips

An important aspect of being a real estate professional is presentation. Whether it is showing a home to a potential buyer or renter, or helping owners understand how to get their property sold as quickly as possible while helping them get the most out of the deal, the job involves a great deal of persuasion and convincing.

Unfortunately for some, this is the part of the profession that is the most difficult to master. A common mistake is being too salesy, while others tend to be a little dull as they present. The most unforgivable, however, is being unprepared and coming across as unprofessional.

While it does take time to get the hang of it, making presentations is not an extensive science, and as former beauty queen turned successful real estate broker, investor, and property manager Miriam Quiambao-Roberto would attest, it actually comes down to a few basics.

As the first runner-up of the Miss Universe Pageant in 1999 and host of shows like The 700 Club Asia and Philippine Realty TV, Miriam shares some presentation habits she practices in business and media that are just as effective in real estate dealings.

Arrive on Time or Earlier Than Scheduled
According to Miriam, being early at the venue sets the tone for how the presentation goes. As the owner of Q Estates Management and the Managing Director of 3Win Realty & Development Corporation, Miriam is constantly in meetings, and she says that arriving ahead allows one to settle in to the venue before a presentation, avoiding having to rush and be disheveled. Arriving early also gives you the opportunity to prepare.

“For brokers, and in anything actually where one wants to appear as professional, I would suggest you come on time. In fact, even 15 minutes before the meeting, because that will allow you to relax a little and settle in, and not rush because you’ve found an ample parking space or the venue itself beforehand. If you are meeting with a seller, it also allows you to prepare with them way before the buyer arrives.”

Miriam Quiambao Real Estate Broker Presentation Tips
Photo by Lincoln Gasmen for Lamudi Philippines

Preparation Is Very Important
Whether in media or in business, preparation is key. Unlike in a television or movie shoot where mistakes can be corrected, there are no retakes when making a live presentation to a client, so preparation is very important. This is not just for you to be sure of what to say, but to also ensure that the clients feel a professional kind of care from you and see that you are not just pushing for business.

“If there are documents or need-to-know information that are required or that might come up in the meeting, you should already have acquired or researched that way before. If you’re the selling broker, you want to make sure you’ve done your due diligence, so that the person you are selling to does not experience any problems because of your lack of it.”

“Your reputation is also on the line, so you want to make sure that your fellow brokers and their buyers or sellers will experience a professional kind of care under you. You want to avoid scenarios where you present a property for sale, only for them to discover that the title is fake or bogus, or that the property has other problems, causing a delay in the process because you didn’t research.”

Understand That You’re Also Presenting Yourself
“The way you carry yourself and the way you look let the client know if you can be trusted, and also reflect on the kind of work that you do. If you look disorderly, they may think that’s how you work.” Going beyond aesthetics, clients tend to listen more to a presentable speaker, and in turn consider doing business with someone who they think at least knows how to care for him- or herself.”

It is all in the details, says Miriam, as the presentation begins the instant you meet the person or people you are presenting to. “Always practice proper hygiene and present yourself professionally, because they will immediately see that you cared enough to be put together well for the presentation.”

“When you introduce yourself, give them a nice, firm handshake. Not too long, not too short, not too strong, not too limp. Just right. And look them in the eye, because it shows your confidence, that you are secure about yourself, and that you definitely know your job.”

How You Finish and Follow up Must Also Be Considered
Whether the presentation went without a hitch or did not end in a deal, it is still important to leave a good lasting impression and genuinely thank clients for the time they provided. Miriam shares that business doesn’t end when the presentations are finished, and being appreciative and sending follow-ups can build relationships that all started with that initial meeting.

“It would be nice if you could send them birthday cards or Christmas cards, flowers, or a decently priced bottle of wine. Nothing too expensive, but just something they can remember you by. Those little actions will mean a lot to your clients. Apart from showing your professionalism in that you appreciate the time they spent viewing your presentation, you will be on top of their mind in case they need to buy, sell, or rent property in the future.”


Photos by Lincoln Gasmen for Lamudi Philippines. Interview by Braulio Giron Jr.

This article originally appeared in Lamudi Philippines

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