Reasons why buying an old house is a good option
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Reasons why buying an old house is a good option

by Nivelle DumlaoPublished: July 31, 2015Updated: December 21, 2015

Having second thoughts about buying an old home? Read on to find out why you should.

New real estate developments are popping up across the nation, especially in the Philippines’ fast-growing provinces and cities. Along with the actual residential units, these developments are offering potential buyers top-notch amenities, dependable security features, and many other bonuses that Filipinos are willing to spend their money on.

However, old homes that are for sale do offer equally important, if not more, things that could make you consider them over new ones. We at enumerate reasons why think so.

1) Good Location
Old homes would most likely be built in areas where everything is already within reach. It has a big chance of already being surrounded by schools, offices, local shops, commercial centers, and other entertainment establishments. Having such a complete surrounding for a home provides convenience for you and for your family.

2) Better Quality of Materials and Construction
If a house has stood against various conditions of weather and calamities over time, it proves that it was built with a good foundation. The labor and material costs surely must have been lower in previous years. Thus, its owners, along with its expert builders, showcased their expertise and craftsmanship in building structurally sound homes that withstood the test time.

3) Fair Living Space
Much of the old houses you will see around every town were not built on huge lots with expansive floor areas, but they do have enough room to let people move around and place their furniture and appliances in without feeling cramped. Some old houses even come with backyards, patios, decks, or lawns. These additional areas can be used for recreational activities for family and friends or can easily be renovated for expansion whenever needed.

4) Style and Character
If the buyer prefers to have a home that has its own style or character, then buying an old home is the better option. New houses today tend to lean on having a uniform design depending on the developers’ offered style for each of the community projects they have built (e.g, Mediterranean, modern American, modern European, rustic old charm, etc. Old houses have their own distinct personalities, sometimes even depending on their location.  An old house could be a tale of someone’s past or a place’s history, oftentimes representing the story of the neighborhood it has been part of.

5) Good Investment
Once you have chanced upon a low-priced, well-located old home, you could highly consider it as an investment from which you could earn money in the future as you may opt to have it upgraded or renovated for eventual re-sale.

As some old residential properties are being torn down to make way for more modern enclaves, indeed we see fewer of these old homes but it doesn’t mean there is no demand for them anymore.  Given the reasons why buying an old home can be a good decision, there would always be people opting for the charm of an old house over the prospect of a newly built one.

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